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PeopleSoft HR Worklist and Grad Stipend Approval

Click the "Worklist" hyperlink in the banner at the top of the PeopleSoft HR screen to open the Worklist page.

Column Description
Click on any hyperlinked column header to sort worklist items by that column.
From The name of the person who created the worklist item.
Date From The date the worklist item was created.
Work Item The type of worklist item.
Link Click the hyperlink for the worklist item to go to the detail page where approvals/denials are saved.


Graduate Stipend Worklist Items
The following steps refer to approving/denying Graduate Service and Non-Service Stipends:

  1. Click the hyperlink for the worklist item in the Link column to go to the Stipend page.
  2. Information on the page displays as read-only. Review all Stipend information.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow for the "Approval Action" field (located on the top-right of the page). Select either Approve or Deny.
  4. If appropriate, click the "Denial Comments" hyperlink to add denial explanation comments.
  5. Click the "Save" button on the bottom-left of the page.
  6. To view another worklist item use the buttons on the bottom of the page:
    • "View Worklist" to return to the Worklist page.
    • "Next in Worklist" to go to the next item in the worklist.
    • "Previous in Worklist" to go to the previous item in the worklist.