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Boston College Temp Pool Manager Instructions

temporary pool — manager instructions

The Department of Human Resources at Boston College offers temporary employment opportunities to qualified secretarial, clerical, and service applicants through its Boston College Temporary Pool (known as BC Temp Pool). BC Temp Pool applicants are carefully screened and interviewed by Human Resources.  


Hiring Manager

A hiring manager can request a qualified temporary person for a day, a week, a month, or up to a maximum of six months, or 1000 hours for the following reasons: 1) vacancy due to promotion, transfer or termination; 2) special projects; or 3) need for coverage during leave(s) of absence and/or other extraordinary absences.  

The department is responsible for funding a BC Temp and must ensure that the salary line has sufficient funds to hire/pay for the temp.

  • Vacant position - funds can be transferred from the vacant position (office and clerical staff only).
  • Special project - funds must come from the department's operating budget
  • Leaves of Absence/Other Extraordinary Absence - a department can request funding from the appropriate Vice President.

After a BC Temp has been identified for your department and a rate is determined, a Budget Transfer must be completed and submitted online through PeopleSoft Financials. The account is 53150. The budget transfer must be received by the Budget Office (through PeopleSoft Financials via your P1) prior to the Temp’s first day of work in order to be paid.

Note: hourly pay rates are based on the requirements of each temp assignment. Also, the hiring manager must contact Position Management at HRSC X2-4772 to obtain a position number.

Open a Temp Pool Request in MAJC by logging into AGORA > My Services > Human Resources > Management / Applicant Job Center.

BC Temp will report his/her hours weekly via Kronos. For BC Temp employee instructions please click here.

For manager Time Approval Instructions in Kronos click here.

Notify Human Resources when the temporary assignment is ending.  Terminate BC Temp in PeopleSoft.



The Temp Pool Employee Hire Process expedites the hire and on-boarding process for temporary, non-exempt employees. To initiate this process, the applicant should apply online on the MAJC Career Center via AGORA and upload his/her resume in a Microsoft Word or PDF format.  Click for further applicant instructions.  Once hired, the individual will need to visit the Human Resources Service Center, located at 129 Lake Street, Room 100 to complete an I-9 form. Click to view list of acceptable documents.