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HR Forms and Documentation

Listed below are HR forms, with corresponding documentation, used by University employees in collaboration with the Department of Human Resources.

Several of the forms can be filled out online, then printed for submittal. Some are available only in PDF format. Forms in PDF format are marked with an asterisk (*) and cannot be completed online. You must print the PDF form, then fill out the hard copy. NOTE: You must have Adobe Acrobat software installed on your computer in order to view PDF files. Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe's web site.

New faculty and student employees should note that the Personal Data Form, Form W-4, Form M-4, and Form I-9 must all be completed prior to or at the start of employment. NOTE: New employees who have been hired through the eRecruit employment system do not need to submit the Personal Data Form.

Adoption Assistance Claim Form Instructions Print (pdf)
Adoption Leave — Primary Caregiver Affidavit Instructions Print (doc)
Children's Center Lottery Form Instructions Print (web)
Citizenship Information Form Instructions Print (web)
Create Position Access Request Form   Print (web)
Credit Union Change Form Instructions  
Dental Enrollment Form* Instructions Print (pdf)
Departmental Time Log Instructions Print (pdf)
Dependent Life Insurance Enrollment (pdf)
Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change Instructions  
ECR Employee Change Request Instructions  
Employee Request for FMLA Leave    
FACHEX Eligibility Certification Form    
Faculty/Staff Pledge Form   Print (pdf)
Flexible Spending Account Form   Print (pdf)  
Financial Planning Subsidy Application Instructions Print (pdf)
Foreign National Information Form Instructions Print (pdf)
Harvard HMO Medical Enrollment/Change Form    
Harvard PPO Medical Enrollment/Change Form    
Evidence of Insurability for Life Insurance*    
Hire Form Instructions Print (web)
Form I-9 | U.S. Employment Eligibility Verification* Instructions Print (pdf)
Kronos Time Approver Form Instructions  
Form M-4 | State of MA Tax Withholding* Instructions Print (pdf)
Payroll Deduction - 'Support BC' Instructions  
Performance Appraisal Form Instructions Print (doc)
Personal Data Form Instructions Print (web)
Personal Data Update Form Instructions Print (web)
Role Description Form Instructions Print (pdf)
Special Write-in Time Sheet* Instructions  
Supplemental Life Insurance Enrollment*    
Supplemental Payment Requisition* Instructions  
Form W-4 | Federal Income Tax Withholding* Instructions Print (pdf)