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Boston College Temporary Pool Opportunities

The Department of Human Resources at Boston College offers temporary employment opportunities to qualified non-exempt secretarial, clerical, and service applicants through its Boston College Temporary Pool, (known as BC Temp Pool). BC Temps are assigned to various campus departments to cover for employees who are temporarily out of work, to fill in while a position is vacant or handle special projects.

Temporary work offers diversity: we have many academic and business offices across the University. It also provides a challenge: you may be asked to work independently and with little supervision or training when an office has a shortage of personnel or an extra-heavy workload. In most cases, the length of an assignment is arranged in advance; however, some assignments may end earlier or last longer than anticipated.


Temporary Pool Guidelines: Term Limits and Rehires

1. Affordable Care Act (ACA) Guideline

Under the ACA employees who work 30 hours or more per week are considered full-time, and if they work 30 hours or more for 13 weeks they must be offered health insurance coverage. Therefore, if a Temporary Pool employee is working 30 hours or more, the term of appointment normally may not exceed 12 weeks. 

The ACA also has a “break-in-service” rule of 26 weeks, which essentially means that a person who worked 30 hours or more for 12 weeks may not resume working 30 hours until at least 26 weeks have elapsed.  [See #4 below regarding a limited reduction in hours option]

2. Benefits Eligibility Guideline

Under Boston College’s policy a part-time employee who works 20 or more hours per week for at least 36 weeks is eligible for benefits.  Therefore, if a Temporary Pool employee is working 20-29 hours per week, the term of appointment may not exceed 34 weeks.  

An employee working 20-29 hours must be terminated no later than the end of 34 weeks and may not be rehired until at least 26 weeks have elapsed.  [See #4 below for reduction in hours option]

3. 1,000 Hours Guideline

Under the federal ERISA law governing benefits plans, an employee who works 1,000 hours in any 12-month period must be offered participation in the employer’s retirement plan.  Therefore, if a Temp Pool employee’s total hours approach 1,000, the employee must be terminated before 1,000 hours is reached, and the employee may not be rehired until at least 26 weeks have elapsed.  This total hours limit applies across all assignments a Temp Pool worker might have in any 12-month period.

4. Reduction in Hours Options  

(a) As stated in #1 above, if an employee is working 30 hours or more, the term of appointment normally cannot exceed 12 weeks, due to Affordable Care Act concerns.  After 12 weeks, if the employee averaged only 30 hours (360 total hours) or 31 hours (372 total hours), the employee could reduce hours to 15 per week and continue working through the 52nd week, in which case the total hours would be under 1,000. 

If the employee averaged 32 or more hours over the 12 weeks (384 or more total hours), no reduction in hours option is available, and the employee must be terminated for at least 26 weeks.

(b) An employee who works 20-29 hours for 34 weeks could reduce hours to 19 or fewer and continue to work to a maximum of 999 hours in a 12-month period.

5. 19-hours Limitation

A Temporary Pool employee who is hired to work 19 hours or fewer per week will not run afoul of the ACA Guideline, the Benefits Eligibility Guideline, nor the 1,000 Hours Guideline. However, the term limit for such an arrangement is a maximum of one year, at which time the employee would have to be terminated and could not be rehired until at least 26 weeks have elapsed.  The reasons for this are (a) Boston College wants to limit the period that an ongoing employee can be restricted from obtaining benefits eligibility, and (b) this is a “temporary” pool.


Application and Interview Process

To view open job postings and apply online, go through the portal to the BC Career Site. If we are accepting applications for the Temp Pool, you will see an open requisition posted. The posted requisition will also have information on any open-house walk-in hours that may be scheduled. Please complete the online application and attach your resume. Resume attachments should be in a Microsoft Word or PDF format.

You can also mail or drop off your resume, along with a cover letter that explains your interest in temporary work, to:


Department of Human Resources
Boston College
129 Lake Street, Room 110
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


If we have an opening for someone with your skills and experience, we will contact you for an interview and testing.


New Hire Details

As a newly hired BC Temp, please follow the steps in the credentials email sent to you and complete the self service information prior to your first day. Once hired, you will need to visit the Human Resources Service Center, located at 129 Lake Street, Room 100 to complete a Form I-9. Click to view list of acceptable documents on page 3.

BC Temps are not required to attend orientation.


What are the benefits of being a BC Temp?

Flexibility and Variety

Temp assignments offer variety and flexibility. Assignments can be full-time or part-time and provide opportunities to broaden your experience and to enjoy different work environments.

Competitive Salary

BC Temp Pool rates are competitive with those of Boston-area temporary-employment agencies. Your hourly rate is determined by the requirements of the assignment as well as your skill level and experience. 

Worker's Compensation and Social Security

Because you are a temporary employee, you are not eligible for coverage under the University health and life insurance programs. You are covered by Worker's Compensation for on-the-job injuries, but you must arrange for other types of insurance with a private carrier. The University matches your contribution to Social Security (FICA).


During your assignment, parking is available on the Lower Campus, the Newton Campus and the Brighton Campus. To obtain a temporary parking sticker, please come to the Parking and Transportation Office, 129 Lake Street. Temporary parking stickers are valid for 30 days. If an assignment is extended and you need to renew your temporary parking sticker, return to the Employment Office and you will be given a new sticker.


What are the responsibilities of a BC Temp?

  • You are responsible for keeping the Department of Human Resources informed of your current home telephone number and other telephone numbers where you may be reached. You are also responsible for letting the Department of Human Resources know when you are not available for work.
  • The estimated duration of an assignment is communicated to you at the time you are contacted about the job. If you accept the assignment, it is important to us that you remain in that assignment until it ends. Occasionally, an assignment ends earlier or is extended beyond the estimated duration.
  • If you are absent for unanticipated reasons, you should call both the Department of Human Resources and your department supervisor as soon as possible. If you need planned time off, please give as much advance notice as possible.
  • In most assignments, you are required to work independently with minimal supervision. Some orientation to each work assignment will be provided. However, most departments in need of temporary assistance are faced with heavy workloads and a shortage of personnel and may not be able to offer much guidance.
  • You are eligible to apply for any open regular position. You should apply via the internal portal in MAJC.

Time Reporting

The BC Temp is responsible for reporting his/her hours through Kronos Time Reporting.  Once the BC Temp has completed the necessary HRSC paper work, the first pay check will be available the following Friday. Temp employees are paid only for the hours they work. They are not paid for sick time, holidays, lunch breaks, or early release.