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Tips for the Management/Applicant Job Center (MAJC)

Please print this Tips page to use during your application process.

If you are a Boston College employee, please login to Agora to be identified as an internal applicant.


Use of various MAJC navigational tools:

  • Once your resume has been uploaded into the system, any edits will only be collected in the application and not the resume.
  • Use "Next" links within MAJC.

Resume Upload/Attachment

  • Resume upload will parse your Employment information.
  • If this is not the case, your resume will still be viewable to Hiring Managers, but a printed application may be needed.
  • Attachment should be in Word document (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) format.
  • Make sure attachment is virus-free.
  • Once you have submitted your resume, remember to check the box in reference to resume updates.
  • Online questionaire section; please answer questions and click submit.

Internal Applicants

  • For internal applicants, the search field allows an individual to type in a key phrase.
  • To navigate to the job openings/current applications, click on Home Menu > Career Center > Applications.
  • Universal Profile- Select in the top right corner to view your Bio.  Displays current demographic informationa and resumes.

Search for Jobs

Scroll down to view all open positions at Boston College on the Careers home page. To search by keywords in job description:

  1. Enter the Keywords in the text box.
  2. Click the "Search" button.

Leaving the MAJC Careers Home Page

Please click "Logout" on the top right of the web page to close the MAJC browser window.


If you have any problems viewing our job postings or using the online application, please contact the Employment Staff at (617) 552-3330 or