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Healthy You

Advisory Committee


BC Healthy You Advisory Committee

Mission of the Healthy You Advisory Committee

To advise, plan and sponsor Healthy You related activities at Boston College to encourage faculty and staff to become more aware of health related issues, lead healthier life styles and in general enhance the culture of health at Boston College.

Role of Healthy You Advisory Committee Members

To provide advice and counsel on the implementation of HY Programming at Boston College.  To assist and participate in developing and rolling out of HY related activities and programs.  To serve as advocates for HY within the Boston College community and to serve as a focus group for HY planned activities.  Regularly attend HY Advisory Committee meetings and participate on subcommittees as appropriate.  It is anticipated that the HY Advisory Committee will meet on a quarterly basis with each meeting lasting approximately 1.5-2 hours.

Listing of Committee Members

Bill Murphy, Committee Chair
Associate Vice President for Human Resources,
Human Resources
Patricia Bando
Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services


Patty Birch
Assistant Director, Field Education, Field Office, GSSW
Jack Burke
HR Benefits Director, ex officio
Beth Dority
Director, Open Source Applications, Information Technology Services

Beth Emery
Director, Dining Services
Jamesie Gifford
Mgr. Employer Well Being Program, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care


Anne Goroshko
HEALTHY YOU/Wellness Coordinator, Health Educator Specialist, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Burt Howell
Executive Director of Intersections
Dr. Scott Jusseaume
Physician/Associate Director, Health Services

Leah Koenigsberg
Administrative Assistant, Chemistry Department

Suzanne Lawler
Senior Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources

Demetri Leris
Chair, Dining Services Council


Patricia Lowe
Executive Director for Institutional Diversity, Office for Institutional Diversity


Nancy McConaghy
Account Executive, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care


Kristen Patterson
Sr. Assoc. Director, Marketing & Communications

Elise Tofias Phillips
Director, Health Promotion

Raymond Rivera
Director of Business Affairs, Office of the President

Cindy Rodriguez
Benefits Specialist, Human Resources

Billy Soo
Vice Provost for Faculties

Melissa Sutherland
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Caitriona Taylor
Director, Campus Recreation


Joseph Tecce
Associate Professor,Psychology Department


Patricia Touzin
Director, Faculty/Staff Assistance Program