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Communications Directory

The Boston College Communications Directory is published early each fall in hard copy. It includes information on Technology Services, an alphabetical listing of all employees with their contact information, a listing of departments and the employees whose primary job is in that department, building codes and zip codes, maps, the academic calendar, and other information.

Please see also information about the 2018-2019 Communications Directory and associated deadlines for submitting information.

All employees are urged to review their contact information and privacy preferences to ensure that the contact information is correct. Employees can view and change their personal information by logging on to Agora at and then going to My Services, then under Account and Personal Info, clicking on Update Your Addresses/Phone/Emergency Contact Information. In particular, employees who have recently changed their work location (for example, from More Hall to 129 Lake Street) should ensure that their contact information is updated. Also under Account and Personal Info, employees may click on Privacy Preferences Confirm/Review to choose which personal information can be viewed by others.

Individuals who have difficulty in making changes to their personal records should first consult their Technology Consultant (TC) and, if needed, then contact Suzanne Lawler in the Human Resources Department at (617) 552-3336 or for assistance.

Employees who do not wish to receive a paper copy of the Communications Directory may easily opt out by using the My Services page in Agora.  In My Services, under Human Resources, click on PeopleSoft Human Resource Services, then under Self Service, click on Personal Information and then click on Update Directory Opt Out, be sure the box is checked and click Save.