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Kronos Workforce Timekeeper 8.0 Login Instructions


Please follow steps 1–7 below to open and close Kronos Workforce Timekeeper:

Agora Portal Sign-in Screen

1. Open Agora Portal in your internet browser.

2. Enter your username.

3. Enter your password.

4. Click "Sign In."

5. Click the "Employee Time Reporting" link located in the "ACCOUNT AND PERSONAL INFO" box. The Employee Time Reporting page will open.

Agora Portal Employee Time Reporting Link

6. Select your Job. This menu box will appear for all employees:

  • Select the job in which you wish to enter time. You may only input time for one job at a time in Kronos Workforce Timekeeper.
  • Employees who are paid hourly or weekly and are responsible for approval and/or sign-off of employee timecards: Select the departmental approval option if you wish to perform managerial functions, or select your job title if you wish to input time on your own timecard.

NOTE: If accessing from off-campus, you will need to connect to Eagle VPN before clicking the "Enter Employee Time Reporting System" button. Visit VPN at BC for more information.


7. Click on the "Enter Employee Time Reporting System" button to enter Kronos Workforce Timekeeper. Kronos Workforce Timekeeper will open in a new browser tab.