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Curriculum Development Plan

boston college children's center


The Center curriculum is child centered and play based, using themes, projects, and content units to encourage learning. We strive to provide an exciting environment with opportunities for discovery, initiative, and inquiry. Developmentally appropriate activities are planned for each content area to give success and challenge to each age level. A balance between teacher-initiated and child-initiated activities is sought, with emphasis on the child's choice. Materials are gathered, created, and purchased with these goals in mind.

The curriculum is based on the process of play while interacting with materials, environment, and peers, and not on the product of that interaction. Children are given several activities to choose from each day, and a variety of activities are available throughout the week. They are encouraged to try new things; extend projects; brainstorm on solutions to problems; and verbalize about what their plan was, what happened, and how or why they got the final result. The activities are at varying levels of competence, so children may challenge themselves or seek out activities that stress skills they are already comfortable with.

We strive to build a learning community where children share explorations with adults, peers, and younger and older children. Teachers write an outline of the daily activities on cubbie room whiteboards. We hope this is helpful to parents in communicating with their children about their day at school.

Each child's progress is monitored through teacher observation, anecdotal notes, checklists, work sampling, and some informal testing. The assessments are provided to parents in a portfolio that includes a written form with a checklist and narrative, work samples and photos, and the discussion during parent conferences.