Personalized, passionate, and proactive, our advising approach prioritizes individualized care. Each student in a degree program is assigned an advisor who provides  academic, personal, and spiritual support as needed. Everything we do is grounded in the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis, or care for the whole person.

Day Student - Woods College Course Registration

CSOM, LSOE, MCAS, MCGS, GSSW, and STM students who have questions regarding Woods College course registration can email

Please do not contact the Woods Academic Advisors; they will not be able to process your registration request.

Meet Our Advisors

Undergraduate Program Academic Advisors

Woods College academic advisors help students enrolled in a degree program plot a course that meets their individual needs. Prospective students, please schedule an appointment with our Admissions Counselors through the Prospective Student Calendly page.

 Appointments are available Monday-Friday.

Ben Arcangeli Portrait


Ben Arcangeli

Ben works with undergraduate B.A. and certificate students and is the services liaison for students with documented disabilities.

Alfreda Clark Portrait


Alfreda Clark

Alfreda works with undergraduate B.A. and nondegree students.

Michael Paul Portrait


Michael Paul

Mike teaches history at the Woods College and works with undergraduate B.A. students and nondegree students.

Graduate Programs Academic Advisors

Our graduate program directors serve as advisors to their programs' current and prospective students.

Larry Fulton Portrait


Larry Fulton - MSAA

Larry is a Visiting Professor for the Applied Economics Programs. He advises students in the M.S. in Applied Analytics program.

Arvind Sharma Portrait


Arvind Sharma - MSAE

Arvind is a Visiting Instructor for the Applied Economics Department.  He advises students in the M.S. in Applied Economics program.

Caroline White Portrait


Caroline White - MSCPG, MSL, MSSA & MHA

Caroline works with students in the M.S. in Cybersecurity Policy & Governance; M.S. in Leadership; M.S. in Sports Administration; and the Master of Healthcare Administration programs.

Prospective or inactive/returning students are welcome to schedule an appointment through our Prospective Student Calendly page.

Q & A with Professor Michael Paul

Michael Paul

Professor Michael Paul, Faculty Advisor

Professor Paul has been at Boston College for 24 years, 21 of which have been in the Woods College. He serves as an academic advisor and faculty member, teaching one history course each semester.

Undergraduate Career Advising

Undergraduate students at the Woods College are pursuing their degree at various points in their professional journey. Your advisor will help you determine where you are in your journey and which steps you may need to take to achieve your goals by using the model of explore, prepare, act.

Woods Students enjoy full access to the Connors Family Learning Center which offers tutoring in more than 60 subjects, workshops, and support services for students with learning disabilities.

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