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Beth Craft

Part-time Faculty


Beth Craft, LICSW, has spent over 40 years assisting Latino clients overcome horrific trauma and has become profoundly affected by Latinos’ ability to maintain hope and persevere in the face of overwhelming adversity. She seeks to use her platform as professor, trainer, and lecturer to elucidate and help dispel myths promulgated by the dominant culture in the United States about Latinos and their coping styles. Beth seeks to bring diverse peoples together to foster understanding.

Beth is bilingual in Spanish and provides therapy to Latino adolescents, adults, and families. She leads the Latino Team at Advocates in Framingham, Massachusetts. She is an adjunct professor at Boston College School of Social Work and teaches in its Latinx Leadership Initiative.

Beth frequently presents at conferences and workshops, in person and remote. The majority of the presentations result in invitations to return and/or expand the topic in a series of workshops. Topics span a variety of focus areas pertaining to race, culture, and diversity.

Initially, Beth was a case worker at Concilio Hispano, a grass roots Latino agency in Cambridge for six years. Working at Concilio Hispano was like working in a microcosm of Latin America. She learned nuances of culture and dialects that are essential to working effectively in the Latino community. Beth has had a passion for studying language, culture, and issues of acculturation ever since she was an undergraduate at Tufts University.

Beth earned her Master’s in Social Work from Boston University in 1990. Her colleagues, students, and clients highly value her ability to interpret cultural differences to foster understanding and thereby improve treatment outcomes.