Support and Resources for the Digital Classroom

Educational Technology Services (Ed Tech) for Boston College Law School is handled through the Law Library. Please contact Kyle Fidalgo at or 617-552-2091 for assistance.

Ed Tech helps Law School faculty stay abreast of current trends and incorporate technology into their teaching through workshops, training sessions, and newsletters. We also work very closely with The Center For Teaching Excellence on main campus.


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Law Library, Room 205

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) allow you to reach students anywhere. Faculty can upload files, share feedback, engage in online discussions, or hold open office hours. Support for LMS is provided via the Law Library Educational Technology Specialists who act as the Law School's learning management administrators and primary troubleshooters. The Law Library maintains a list of law school courses that have a website component. If you notice one missing, please email us.

Canvas is the LMS used at Boston College. It allows you to securely share information with your automatically enrolled students, collect assignments, engage in online discussions, and utilize a variety of video and audio tools. It is also used as the primary delivery method for any classes that are captured with the Panopto lecture capture system. This is the most widely used LMS option at BCLS giving you the added benefit of student familiarity and usability, as well as local administrative support. Each semester a Canvas site is created for every law school course and linked with Panopto. If you have any questions, please contact and we can setup a consultation to get you up and running with your own site.

Access Canvas through Agora or directly at



More documentation is available from CTE

Teaching Tools

The Educational Technology department can help you utilize a variety of different teaching tools inside and outside your classroom. Please email to access or learn more about any of the resources listed below.

Lecture Capture

Panopto Lecture Capture allows you to record class sessions for archiving or for distribution to students and colleagues. Most classrooms are already equipped with the needed audiovisual capabilities.

Pool Laptops

The Administrative & Technology Resources (ATR) department has a number of Mac and Windows laptops available for faculty and staff to use. Please reserve a laptop in advance and specify the length of time for which you will need it.


Skills Practice

Resources are available that allow students to watch brief practical skills challenges. They then record videos with their responses, and in the process, practice their skills. These resources give all students an opportunity to practice the skills and theories they learn in the classroom.



Wacom Tablets

The Wacom Tablet is a drawing tablet that lets instructors use a stylus to easily annotate, handwrite, and draw in applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Current uses at the Law School include taking notes on Powerpoint slides and displaying a virtual whiteboard during class. The results can be shared with students via Canvas or email.

Personal Response Systems

Personal Response Systems (PRS) enable students to respond to questions posed by their instructors using either remote hand-held devices or an app on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. After students have responded, instructors can show anonymous results on a graph. Poll Everywhere is the main system used at the Law School.

Virtual Communication

Virtual communication allows the sharing of audio, video, and other content in real time online. It is a growing presence in our world and in the lives of our students. It can also enhance teaching and learning in a number of ways. Some possible uses include virtual office hours, virtual instruction, and virtual presentations.

Faculty Projects

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