Effort Reporting System

All effort reports are now being processed electronically using the web-based effort reporting system (ERS).  

As of Sept. 2023, BC has replaced the Time and Effort Reports (T&E's) with ERS Forms which will be processed electronically using the web-based BC-Maximus ERS (Effort Reporting System). 

The web-based effort reporting system is used to certify that salaries charged, or cost shared to sponsored awards, reasonably reflect the individual’s share of total effort dedicated to a sponsored award.

BC-OSP issued the Effort Reporting Policy in 2009. The purpose of this policy is to document university requirements for ensuring that salaries charged to sponsored awards are based on the records that reasonably reflect the work performed; effort and salary costs charged to a sponsored award are certified by an award's Principal Investigator (PI) accurately and timely; and effort certifications comply with sponsor requirements, any  regulations (Federal or otherwise), and BC policies. The Effort Reporting Policy was most recently revised Sept. 2023.


Effort Reporting System Schedule



June 21, 2024ERS Forms released to employees assigned the ERS Role of Pre Review
June 21 - July 12, 2024 (3 weeks)Pre Review Period: Window for department staff to review ERS Forms (perform Pre Review in ERS) and process any needed ERS CT/LR
July 15, 2024Global Release of ERS Forms to all Certifiers. If ERS Forms were not already released by the department staff after their completion of Pre Review
July 15 - August 5, 2024 (3 weeks)Certify Period: Window for ERS Forms to be certified and for a Certify to approve any ERS CT/LR