Coronavirus Updates


Updated 5/29/2020


NIH and NSF Accommodations during
the COVID-19 Pandemic


3/27/2020 Update

NIH just issued notice NOT-OD-20-091 to update its policy on late applications. NIH has made a decision to allow applications with due dates between March 9, 2020 and May 1, 2020 to be accepted through May 1, 2020.  Institutions need not ask for permission nor write cover letters to submit proposals late as long as they are submitted by the May 1st deadline. Funding opportunity announcements (FOA) that expire prior to May 1st will be extended for an additional 90 days.

Deadlines that occur after May 1st will follow standard procedures.

3/24/2020 Update

Per NIH Notice NOT-OD-20-082, late applications will be accepted if the applicant organization is officially closed or unable to submit due to complications of the virus.  Acceptance will be on a case by case basis. Late applications must be accompanied with a letter detailing the reason for the delay and the application must be submitted as soon as possible after reopening. 

NSF has already made some changes to deadline dates. The link to review the changes to the solicitations is .  Please check this periodically as NSF will be updating this regularly.

OSP will be fully operational during this time. In light of this, late proposals are not anticipated.

NIH and NSF Accommodations to Active Awardees 

In accordance with NIH Notice NOT-OD-20-086, and NSF Implementation Notice the following flexibilities  will be granted:

Pre-Award Costs

Will be allowed from January 20, 2020 prior to the date of the federal award.  This means that if you have an expected award with a June 1 start date, pre-award costs can be incurred from January 20th through May 30th.  You can make use of the Advanced Account form for new awards and for continuing awards, you can work with your OSP Pre-award representative to extend your project dates.


Research Progress Performance Reports can be submitted late due to the effects of COVID-19.  You must inform your program official to let them know.  The late reports will be accepted, but keep in mind that the grant awards will not be issued until the reports have been received and accepted.  

Prior Approvals

  • Re-budgeting does not require prior approval unless it constitutes a change in scope.

  • For those NIH awards not under SNAP, you will be allowed to automatically carryover unobligated funds for activities affected by COVID-19. In addition to carryover, awards not under snap can have a one-year extension. The grants officer just needs to be notified of this action.

  • NSF allows a one-time grantee-initiated extension. This can be exercised should it be necessary.


Cost Flexibilities

  • Stipends for fellows and trainees can continued to be charged to grants for those individuals who may not be able to work. The grants specialist needs to be notified.

  • Non-refundable travel costs incurred due to COVID-19 cancellations may be charged to the grant that would have supported the travel. This also includes conference registration fees.



Completion of closeout requirements – technical and financial reports, have been extended for up to an additional year.  Grants specialists must be notified.

Please work with your OSP Pre-award representative who will help you navigate these changes and will work with you to communicate with your sponsor.