Export Controls


Export Control Compliance

It is the policy of Boston College to fully comply with all U.S. export control laws. U.S. export control laws potentially apply to a variety of Boston College activities conducted in support of the University’s academic mission, research portfolio, and administrative functions, including, but not limited to: international travel, gifts (University and individual), international shipments, interactions with restricted or sanctioned individuals and entities, financial transactions, international research and academic collaborations, dissemination of proprietary and/or industry technology, and the use of computer software with encryption features.

Violation of federal export control laws can potentially lead to severe criminal, civil, and administrative sanctions and penalties for Boston College and individuals. All BC faculty, staff, and students are therefore expected to determine when and how export control laws apply to their activities, and coordinate with the BC Office of Research Security, Integrity and Compliance to ensure compliance.

Please contact the Office of Research Security, Integrity and Compliance for assistance with any of the following Export Control issues:

  • International Shipments 
  • International Travel 
  • “Deemed” Exports
  • Export Control Exclusions
  • Procurement of Scientific Instruments or Equipment
  • Technology Control Plans



Office Email: exportcontrol@bc.edu

Leigh-Alistair Barzey
Director, Research Security, Integrity and Compliance
617-552-1144, leigh-alistair.barzey@bc.edu

Michael Curry
Assistant Director, Export Compliance
617-552-2068, michael.curry@bc.edu

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Statement of Commitment

Boston College recognizes the importance of complying with all U.S. export control regulations and is committed to full compliance with these regulations.

Export Control compliance is an essential obligation for everyone in our community, and following the few simple steps outlined below will help ensure that the College and you, individually, are complying as fully as possible with these regulations.

Do not hesitate to seek guidance on an export control matter.

If you become aware of a potential export control problem, report it immediately to our Export Control Coordinator. The vast majority of export control violations are inadvertent: timely reporting a suspected problem is the best mitigation of an inadvertent violation.