We are pleased to welcome our students to campus. The health and safety of all members of the BC Community is our highest priority. Please follow the move-in procedures summarized below. Working together, we can achieve a successful on-campus learning experience for all BC students. 

  1. All students must sign the Eagles Care Pledge.
  2. Students must adhere to the expectations stated in the Eagles Care Pledge, strictly follow state and federal health guidelines, and act responsibly during days, nights, and weekends - both on and off campus.
  3. An important reminder: No parties will be allowed on or off campus.
  4. To sign the Eagles Care Pledge:
    • Log into Canvas (bc.edu/lms)
    • Select the Eagles Care Pledge on your dashboard, read the statement, and click the “agreement to commit” link.


  1. COVID-19 testing will take place daily (including weekends) in Conte Forum from Aug 17 to Sept 1. 
    • Testing has been extended in Conte Forum to Tuesday September 1 to accommodate students who can not arrive sooner. 
  2. On-campus students received a testing time to correlate with their move-in time. Undergrads living off-campus will be tested on a walk-in basis.
  3. Testing Dates:
    • Aug. 17-23: Faculty & staff, undergrads arriving early or living off campus, graduate/professional students
    • Aug. 24-30: Undergraduate students living on or off campus and all remaining graduate/professional students 
  4. All individuals must sign a consent form prior to testing: bc.edu/consent.
  5. The test results are expected within 6-26 hours.  
  6. A negative result will come via email from CareEvolve; a positive or inconclusive result will come via phone call from the ordering physician or a designee.  
  7. The main testing site will be Conte Forum (enter on the Beacon Street side). Testing is also being offered on the Upper and Newton campuses for first-year students living in those locations.
  8. Students will receive a wristband indicating that they have been tested, and can then begin the move-in process.
  9. BC community members should wear their wristbands through Sept. 11.

  1. All students living on campus who test positive will be immediately placed in isolation in University housing for a minimum of 10 days and must be symptom free for 24 hours before they can be released from isolation.
  2. University Health Services staff will monitor students on a daily basis.
  3. Dining Services will deliver meals.

Move-In Logistics
  1. Students cannot move into University housing before taking a COVID-19 test.
  2. All students will be required to quarantine in their residence hall rooms or off-campus housing until test results are received. 
  3. Park at the space designated in the ResLife email.
    • If parking at a residence hall, the accompanying person may begin unloading the vehicle. 
    • If given an alternative parking location, the accompanying person should wait for the student to return from their COVID-19 test and then proceed to the residence hall for unloading. 
    • If using a ride-share,drop belongings off at the designated cart check-out location.
  4. Proceed to designated COVID-19 testing area. 
  5. After being tested and receiving a wristband, proceed to the residence hall check-in site located near the testing location.
  6. Students will receive a ticket to receive packaged meals from BC Dining during the quarantine period at ResLife check in. Follow the signs to the BC Dining location near the check-in area to retrieve meals. 
  7. After picking up the meals, students should move belongings into their room. Students will only be permitted to have one guest enter the building during move-in. Students should move in as quickly as possible and complete the process within 60-90 minutes.
  8. Once vehicles are unloaded and all items are in the residence hall, vehicles must be moved away from the residence hall unloading areas. 

Parking is available on the Newton or Brighton campuses, or in the garages on Main Campus. To help de-densify residence halls and minimize risk, parents or other move-in helpers should depart campus as soon as possible.

  1. Students living on campus will receive 4 meals during move-in quarantine. A dining station will be located at the ResLife check in.
  2. Mac, Stuart, and Lower will serve as the primary dining halls with limited seating and modified service layouts to move lines as quickly and safely as possible.
  3. Eagles Nest, the Heights Room, and the Yellow Room will also be open for lunch and dinner with additional lines and the same menu selections to serve more guests quickly.
  4. Lyons will be open for breakfast and lunch, grab-and-go items, and coffee and tea only.
  5. CoRo Cafe, Addie’s, Yellow Room (Stuart) and Cafe 129 (Brighton) will be pick-up locations for GET Mobile ordering.
  6. Hillside, Chocolate Bar, Bean Counter, and the Eagle Marts will be closed initially.
  7. Hours:
    • Corcoran, McElroy, & Stuart: 7:30am - 8pm (7 days/week)
    • Lyons: 8am - 3:30 pm (Mon-Fri)
    • GET Mobile (Mon-Fri):
      • At CoRo Cafe, Addie’s: 10am - 8 pm
      • At Stuart: 7:30am - 4pm
      • At Cafe 129: 8am - 2pm

BC has developed new pages for Dining Hours and Dining Menus:

Student Conduct

All of us play an important role in ensuring the safety and well-being of the BC community and surrounding neighborhood. We will be strictly enforcing a "no parties" policy on and off campus. The consequences of hosting and/or attending a party on or off campus may include suspension and/or the loss of on-campus housing.