Our faculty study each area from multiple perspectives: from animal models and computational models, to systems and cognitive neuroscience, to behavioral and psychophysiological measurements from individuals or groups. This work involves studying basic processes with translational impact—including affective disorders, such as anxiety and depression; developmental disorders; and ethics and law.

Areas of Expertise

(Affective) learning & memory

We study the basic processes that enable us to learn about our environment and to learn from our mistakes, with implications for everything from student performance to affective disorders.

Cognitive & socioemotional development

We seek to understand what knowledge structures are innate, how learned knowledge is acquired over a lifetime, and how the accumulation of knowledge is affected by developmental disorders or neurological disorders.

Virtue & morality

We examine when and why individuals cooperate with one another or trust one another and investigate how it is that we come to hold moral beliefs and how malleable those beliefs can be.

Faculty Expertise

Please note that many of our faculty are interdisciplinary and listed in more than one area.