Research Participation Credits

Students in the following courses are required to participate in psychology research.

  • PSYC1110 Brain, Mind, & Behavior
  • PSYC1111 Self, Mind, & Society
  • PSYC1120 Introduction to Behavioral Statistics and Research I

A student in one or more of these courses must earn 1.5 research credits during the Spring 2024 semester. The deadline to fulfill this requirement is the last day of classes, Thursday, May 2, 2024.

Failure to complete the research participation requirement will result in an Incomplete (I) grade for the courses that require research participation. If the requirement is later completed, a new course grade will be submitted. If the research credits are submitted after the due date but before grades are due, the course instructor decides whether or not to submit an Incomplete.

Students fulfill the research participation requirement in one of two ways: participating in research or writing an article critique.

Fulfilling the Research Participation Requirment

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