Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Each year, our faculty members accept a small number of postdoctoral fellows to collaborate with them on research projects. These are typically individuals who have recently received a Ph.D. and who seek to deepen or broaden their research skills to better prepare them for a career in academia or industry. Postdoctoral fellows work alongside one or more faculty; fellows sometimes join the department with their own funding and other times are supported by a grant awarded to a faculty mentor in our department. If you are seeking a fellowship, please inquire directly with relevant faculty or search postings on our research lab websites.

The Department of Psychology and Neuroscience is a welcoming and vibrant scientific community for postdoctoral fellows, and Boston College has an active Postdoctoral Association. Our fellows have ample opportunities to present their research at departmental events, joint laboratory meetings, and “data clubs;” to meet with outside speakers; and to formally discuss professional development topics. Many of our faculty have an open door policy, making it easy for our fellows to be rooted in one laboratory while benefiting from the mentorship and expertise of a number of faculty.

Postdoctoral Alumni

Eric Allard (2010-14) - Assistant Professor of Psychology, Cleveland State University

Ursula Anderson - Senior Research Analyst, University of Delaware

Holly Bowen (2013-18) - Assistant Professor of Psychology, Southern Methodist University

Julia Braverman - Associate Director of Patient Experience, Celgene

Alek Chakroff - Software engineer, Charlie Finance Co.

Nadia Chernyak - Assistant Professor, University of California, Irvine

Sindy Cole (2011-2017) - Lecturer, Boston College

Rose Cooper (2017-2021) - Research Scientist at Meta

Brendan Gaesser - Assistant professor, SUNY Albany

Larisa Heiphetz - Assistant professor, Columbia University

Anne Krendl (2010-12) - Associate Professor of Psychology, Indiana University Bloomington

Christina Leclerc (2006-10) - Associate Lecturer, University of New England

Christopher Madan (2014-17) - Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Nottingham

Amanda Madden (2018-2020) - Principal Scientist, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)

Julia Marshall (2020-2023) - Assistant Professor of Psychology, Brown University

Justin Martin (2017-2021) - Lead Data Scientist, VP, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

BoKyung Park (2017-2020) - Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Texas at Dallas

Robert Ross - Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of New Hampshire

Stephanie Sherman (2016-17) - Data scientist, Murmuration

Sherri Widen - Center for Education Policy Analysis, Stanford University