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Jim Russell has just published an Oxford University Press edited book, The Science of Facial Expression. Posted 5/8/17.

Karina HamamoucheLaura Niemi, and Sara Cordes have published a paper in Acta Psychologicaentitled "Quantifying a Threat: Evidence of a numeric processing bias." Posted 4/12/17.

Laura Niemi, former Ph.D. student of Liane Young, Sara Cordes, and Ellen Winner, has accepted a tenure track position at the University of Toronto beginning in July 2018 in the Munk School of Global Affairs after a 2017-2018 postdoctoral fellowship sponsored by Duke University's Philosophy Dept, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, and Kenan Institute for Ethics with Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Felipe De Brigard. Posted 4/12/17.

Gorica Petrovich has been awarded a four-year, $1.8 million competitive renewal NIH grant from the NIDDK to continue investigating “Forebrain Circuits and Control of Feeding Behavior by Learned Cues.” Posted 4/11/17.

Barry Schneider has been invited as distinguished visiting researcher at LUMSA, the university at the Vatican, for 2017-2018. He will be visiting there in December-January and/or after classes end in May. Posted 3/27/17.

Gene Heyman and his colleague, Verna Mims, recently published a chapter titled: "What addicts can teach us about addiction: A natural history approach." In Addiction and Choice, Heather, N. & Segal, G. (Eds). Posted 3/15/17.

Sara Keefer and Gorica Petrovich have published a paper in Neurobiology of Learning and Memoryentitled "Distinct Recruitment of Basolateral Amygdala-Medial Prefrontal Cortex Pathways Across Pavlovian Appetitive Conditioning." Posted 3/13/17.

Josh Hartshorne received a Teaching, Advising, and Mentoring Expense (TAME) award from the Boston College University Council on Teaching. Posted 2/20/17.

Hao Wu received a Boston College Research Incentive Grant for his proposal, "Confidence Intervals in Power and Sample Size Calculation." Posted 2/17/17.

Scott Slotnick published a new book entitled Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory by Cambridge University Press. Posted 2/17/17.

Sara Cordes is now serving as Associate Editor for the journal Developmental Science. Posted 2/2/17.

Liane Young joins the editorial board of Cognition as of April 2017. Posted 2/2/17.

Maddie Ray won an Eastern Regional Research Award from Psi Chi for her upcoming poster at the Eastern Psychological Association conference. Posted 2/1/17.

Developmental faculty member Katie McAuliffe has just been named one of the 2016 "Rising Stars" in psychology by the Association for Psychological Science. She joins cognitive neuroscience faculty member Maureen Ritchey, who was named a 2015 Rising Star. Jaclyn Ford, a postdoctoral fellow in Elizabeth Kensinger's lab, was also named a 2016 Rising Star. Posted 1/27/17.

Lauren Anderson and Gorica Petrovich have published a paper in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory entitled "Sex specific recruitment of a medial prefrontal cortex-hippocampal-thalamic system during context-dependent renewal of responding to food cues in rats." Posted 1/20/17.

Liane Young is a 2017 recipient of the APS Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions, in recognition of her significant impact on the field of psychological science. Elizabeth Kensinger was a 2010 recipient of this award. Posted 1/20/17.

Brittany Jeye, Jessica Karanian, and Scott Slotnick have published two papers in Brain Sciencesentitled "Spatial memory activity distributions indicate the hippocampus operates in a continuous manner" and "The anterior prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus are negatively correlated during false memories." Posted 1/18/17.

Liane Young is a 2017 recipient of the Sage Young Scholar Awards given by the Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology. These awards "acknowledge the outstanding contributions of young scholars in personality and social psychology." Posted 1/9/17.