Pearson Love

Peer Advisor


Pearson Love is a senior IS major concentrating in Cooperation and Conflict, with a second major in Islamic Civilization and Societies with a concentration in Theology. Due to COVID-19, Pearson’s study abroad programs in the Middle East were cancelled, but she is continuing to study Arabic at BC. Pearson is from Chicago, IL and has interned with the University of Chicago Project on Security and Threats (CPOST). She is especially interested in how religion and politics intersect in the MENA region.  Besides working with the IS program, Pearson is a research assistant on Professor Krause’s team and an editor at Kaleidoscope International Studies Journal. 

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Quick facts:


Favorite courses:

  • Introduction to International Relations (Prof. Krause)
  • Women and Gender in Islam (Prof. DeLong-Bas) 
  • Religion and Contemporary Terrorism (Prof. McBride)
  • PULSE (Prof. Himes)


Peer advising: