Maddie Haddix

Peer Advisor


Maddie is a senior IS major with a concentration in Political Economy and Development Studies, and a minor in Economics. She is from Franklin, Tennessee, and has studied abroad in both France and Turkey. Previously, Maddie worked in the Political Science Department for Prof. Peter Krause's Political Violence Team and with Prof. Jennifer Erickson on research on weapons sanctions. She currently researches in the Economics Department and is working on a paper with Prof. Matthew Rutledge on the changes in socioeconomic status of American military recruits. She spent the summer of 2021  as an analyst in Morgan Stanley's Compliance Division and plans to return to Morgan Stanley in New York upon graduation. Maddie is especially interested in international trade, labor economics with a focus on minimum wage/EITC, and securities regulation. 

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Quick facts:

  • Senior IS major concentrating in PEDS , with a minor in Economics
  • From Franklin, Tennessee
  • Proficient in Turkish and French
  • Lived abroad in Turkey, France, Italy, and Portugal
  • Worked for Morgan Stanley's compliance division in summer 2021 
  • Has served as a research assistant for Profs. Peter Krause, Jennifer Erickson, and Matthew Routledge
  • Interned for RFK Center for Human Rights
  • Knowledge of finance/banking recruitment programs for women and minorities 


Some favorite courses:

  • Intro to IR (Prof. Erickson)
  • Microeconomic Public Policy (Prof. Quinn) 
  • Performing Politics: Human Rights through Theatre in Latin America (Prof. Purnell and Prof. Jorgensen) 
  • International Finance (Prof. Bethune)


Peer advising:

  • In Fall 2021, Maddie is available for online advising at various times during the week, and for walk-in advising at Connolly House on Fridays from 10:30am to 12:30pm.