Programs Eligible for EANS Funding

The Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) relief program has provided billions of dollars in financial support for private and independent schools. 


Utilizing EANS funding, schools are able to receive services for their entire faculty and staff, or individual educators in need of additional support.  

At a Glance

In Person

In your school community we connect one-on-one, small group, or with your entire faculty 


Leveraging technology to provide you fully virtual experiences with the same in-person quality.


Convenient blend of in-person and virtual to meet your needs.

EANS-Eligible Programming

Social Emotional Learning Academy: SELebrate Students


Students’ ability to learn is predicated on their social and emotional health, both of which have been jeopardized this academic year as routines and relationships have been compromised due to the pandemic. SELebrate Students provides school leaders, faculty, and staff with the resources to support students in the work of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Based on CASEL’s core competence areas of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making, participants will adapt SEL to develop a roadmap for implementation. Our high-impact coaching ensures educators understand how to best support student social-emotional health and well-being in their classrooms.

Instructional Coaching for Educators


Research consistently shows that teachers, particularly new teachers, who work closely with instructional coaches are more likely to remain with their schools. Our high-impact coaching provides educators with the tools they need to grow their skills and build capacity wherever they are in their career. We apply research-based best practices to create positive outcomes in the classroom and school community. Customized to work with you, be it your full faculty or individual teachers, stronger instructional practices results in stronger learning outcomes. 

Instructional Coaching on Designing and Implementing Personalized Blended Learning


Leveraging technology for learning has become an integral part of how we teach. Our coaching empower educators to better utilize adaptable technology, analyze student data for learning, and employ targeted instructional methods such as small group instruction, and project based learning to yield stronger learning outcomes for all students. Our team support you as you develop a personalized blended learning environment that allows your students to learn at an appropriate, challenging pace, while receiving the personalized instruction that all child need to thrive. 

Instructional Coaching for Data-Informed Classrooms


Understanding student assessment data is essential to advance student learning. Our team provides instructional coaching focused on the assessment tools your school utilizes to advance student learning. Regular review of assessment data creates an empowered faculty who are able to tailor instruction to meet individual students’ unique learning needs.

Teaching Multi Language Learners


Multi language learners offer our school communities a rich linguistic and cultural diversity. Educating learners who speak more than one language requires training on research-based effective practices for multi language learners such as what makes for a culturally sustaining school; and family and community engagement practices that best serve multilingual learners. Coaching empowers educators to understand instructional techniques for language learners. Working our team's multi language experts, we provide your educators with the instructional strategies necessary to reach and empower multi language learners.

Instructional Coaching for Diversity and Equitable Classrooms


Recognizing the important role classroom teachers and leaders play in bringing about a more just world, examining instructional practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion support educators is a social justice imperative. Working closely with educators, our skilled team supports participants in conducting an equity-based audit necessary to develop a roadmap for successful implementation of DEI practices and policies. Upon review, high-impact coaching provides educators the tools they need to develop and implement DEI practices in their classrooms. 

Customized Programs

We will work with your school to develop a customized program.

 Michael O’ Connor, Ph.D.

Assistant Director of Outreach