How an Immersion Trip to the Border Influenced My Vocation

"We get lost in thinking that the Gospel is only about warm, easy love, and praying for everyone. But it also requires us to lean into discomfort. The life of Jesus shows us that.” —Maddie Jarrett

The Power of Community: Living and Learning with Others

“Community forms a sense of purpose and direction we might not have otherwise. It makes us consider how to be a person for others and pursue work for the greater good.” —Liam McDonald

Finding Time to Pause and Pray with Other Catholic Educators

"My priority is to always choose things that are going to bring me closer to God, and to seeing God more in myself and in others." —Dora Arredondo-Marron

How Faith and Community Sustain Me During Difficult Times

"Most experiences are much more powerful when shared with others, especially when it’s people who don’t agree on everything." —Caitlin Keeton

Roche Center Partners with School of Theology and Ministry to Conduct National Research

“Cultivating Talent: A National Summit on Hispanic Educators in Catholic Schools.” 

Bringing the Joy of the Gospel to Others in a Time of Crisis

“Setting the foundation for children to love their faith and to think critically about their faith and the world around them is so special. Getting to see it through their eyes is really magical.” —Anne Krane