The Roche Center research team serves two primary needs: to track the effectiveness of our signature programs and to develop data literacy among the Catholic schools we serve directly. The first of these initiatives produces resources for both scholarly conversation and practical application in Catholic education. The second, developing data literacy, equips schools in our signature programs to make reliable, data-informed decisions, track the effects of new initiatives in the school, and reflect upon changes in the school and its community.

Roche Center graduate assistants work in all of these research areas under the guidance and mentorship of Roche Center staff and partners. Graduate assistants gain experience in the field of Catholic education with opportunities for networking, professional development, presentation and publication.

Program Based Research

Center research focuses on both longitudinal assessments of program outcomes and national issues facing Catholic education. Program-related assessments include the Two Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools (TWIN-CS), and the Emmaus Leadership Series.  National issues research has included Catholic Schools Serving Hispanic Families and the Catholic Schools Standards Study.

National Scope Research

In addition to program assessment, the Roche Center's research team designs, administers, analyzes, and presents studies on the top issues facing Catholic education today. These national initiatives have included studies of spiritual formation in Jesuit high schoolsschool governance and finance models, the creation and effectiveness of benchmarks for Catholic school accreditation and improvement, and Catholic schools serving Hispanic families.