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Intimate Partner Violence Prevention

One Love is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 in memory of Yeardley Love, a senior at University of Virginia who was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend on May 3, 2010. After this tragic incident, Yeardley Love’s mother, Sharon Love, founded One Love to help educate as many young people as possible about the warning signs of relationship abuse as well as to encourage others to be active bystanders when they witness signs of abuse, including highlighting the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors. One Love aims to educate, empower and activate young people in a movement for change in their communities surrounding relationship violence.

One Love at Boston College 

One Love has developed the "Escalation" workshop to help educate young people about relationship violence and facilitate a dialogue about the warning signs of abuse. Through a recent partnership between One Love and the BC Women’s Center, we are excited to bring this empowering and educational workshop to Boston College and provide our community members with this vital information about a growing problem on college campuses.

The Workshops


“Couplets” is a 45-60min workshop facilitated by two Boston College community members who have been trained by One Love and supported by the Women’s Center.

The first portion of the training is the screening of eight 15sec vignette snapshots that depict various signs of unhealthy relationship behaviors.   

There are always signs in an unhealthy relationship. While everyone has behaviors we can work on, we also should not brush aside bad behavior as “cute” or “trivial.” The Couplets features a series of videos that highlight unhealthy relationship behaviors. Seeing several of these unhealthy behaviors in a relationship could signal a problem. 

The workshop ends with a discussion of how to spot healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, as well as how the Boston College community can address the issue of intimate partner violence on our campus.