Sexual Assault Network (SANet)

Dedicated to Empowerment, Committed to Advocacy

The mission of the Boston College Sexual Assault Network (SANet) is to support those who have been directly or indirectly affected by sexual violence and/or intimate partner violence.


CARE Team walk-in hours

M–F: 3–4 p.m. in Maloney 441

Or by appointment at or 617-552-8099

SANet Who's On Call

Emily Egan

Call the hotline at 617–552-2211

What to expect when accessing Sexual Assault Network Resources

SANet Hotline Team


Confidential one-time phone conversation, information and referral, including to in-person services.

Supportive, empathic listening from a trained responder at Boston College or local rape crisis center.

Information about emotional, medical, and legal supports and academic and housing accommodations.

Overview about impacts of trauma, coping strategies, and investigation options under Title IX.



Confidential in-person appointments with specially trained professionals and graduate students.

Brief counseling about impacts of trauma, safety, and self-care planning and the healing process.

Access to hard-copy resources and connections to free and confidential on- and off-campus support systems.

Accompaniment to the Title IX coordinator, dean of students, BCPD, and other on-campus resources.

SANet provided a safety net that I knew was always there if I needed it.
Boston College Student