The Women’s Center was founded in 1973 to support, educate, and empower students of all genders in an inclusive and welcoming space. Valuing personal agency and strong community, our staff works to engage Boston College students through mentoring programs, events, and conversations that cultivate leadership, authentic relationships, and awareness of intersectional social justice issues.

Bystander Intervention

The Bystander Intervention program seeks to empower Boston College students to stand up and speak out to prevent instances of rape and sexual assault from occurring.

Sexual Assault Network (SANet)

SANet is a confidential and anonymous hotline staffed by advocates who are trained to listen, provide options, and support the survivor or friend of the survivor as they embark on the healing process.

Women's Summit

The Women's Summit is designed to empower all attendees by connecting them with a community of fellow classmates, speakers, and guests, to foster meaningful conversations and game-changing ideas.

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