The Women's Center Library

The WC library has over 1,000 volumes of fiction and non-fiction work by women and men on a wide range of subjects, including career, diversity, spirituality, health, literature, psychology, media literacy, gay and lesbian issues, and many more.

Books are available for borrowing with your BC ID. Check our online catalog to see the complete collection, as well as the availability of volumes.


HEAL Support Group

HEAL is a confidential, weekly, support group for BC students who have been directly impacted  by sexual assault. This group is a collaboration between University Counseling Services and The  Women’s Center. HEAL aims to assist members achieve the following goals:

  • Members will not feel alone in their experiences, feelings, and reactions 
  • Members will feel supported
  • Members will gain a better understanding of the effects of sexual assault
  • Members will be better able to cope with the effects of sexual assault
  • Members will feel like they can support others ∙ Members will feel less anxious and afraid.

For more information, Claire Johnson Allen, LICSW at the Women’s Center.