Request a Presentation

Thank you for your interest in booking a Bystander Intervention presentation and for recognizing the importance of spreading awareness about this important issue. Please do not hesitate to contact us with further questions at  We look forward to working with you!

Step In BC: Bystander Intervention Discussion Group 

This unique, interactive discussion group option is facilitated by two trainers and allows the group to reflect on what they learned in their Bystander Intervention presentation. In addition to reflection, participants may be encouraged deep-dive into questions about rape culture and how it manifests in society, as well as here at Boston College. This presentation option is meant for groups that have already gone through the flagship presentation. This option is highly customizable and can be catered to your specific group and their interests. 

If you want to request this option for your group: 

  • Since this is a discussion group, a group size of 10–15 students is ideal. However, if you have a large group, we can split into smaller sections to have multiple discussions going on simultaneously. 
  • The discussion would ideally take an hour, but can be catered to your group's needs. 

About Our Bystander Intervention Trainers

 Research has shown that our message is more effective when students receive it from their peers, which is why we train undergraduate students to present. Our trainers are sophomore, junior and senior students who go through extensive training and practice prior to presenting. They are an energetic, passionate, and talented group who look forward to working with you.