The mission of the Boston College Club Sports program is to provide athletic opportunities to students who are seeking a high level of competition and camaraderie. In keeping with the Campus Recreation mission, the Club Sports program is committed to the formation of the whole person – intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually. Additionally, the Club Sports program promotes excellence, accountability, and leadership through its support of student-run teams.

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BC Club Sports

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Baseball - Men's
<p>  </p>
<p>The Boston College Club Baseball team, which was founded in the fall of 2013, competes in the North Atlantic - North Division of the NCBA (National Baseball Club Association). <br /> </p>
Basketball - Men's
<p>  </p>
<p>The Boston College Men&#39;s Club Basketball Team competes in the New England - East Conference of the NCBBA (National Club Basketball Association).</p>
Basketball - Women’s
<p>The Women's Club Basketball team was founded in 2014 and competes in the New England - East Division of the National Club Basketball Association (NCBBA) Women's. </p>
Crew - Men's
<p>  </p>
<p>The Boston College Men’s Club Crew team is comprised of a group of hard-working, driven athletes who row at a competitive level both regionally and nationally.</p>
<p>The Boston College Club Cycling Team is a member of the <a href="">Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC)</a>, one of the 11 collegiate <a href="">USA Cycling</a> conferences.</p>
<p>The Boston College Club Equestrian Team is a member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) and practices throughout the school year at ABD Equestrian under Coach Allyssa Dean. <br /> </p>
Field Hockey
<p>  </p>
<p>The Boston College Club Field Hockey team competes in the National Field Hockey League. They compete against local New England teams and at the NFHL Fall Championship Tournament in November. <br /> </p>
<p>The Boston College Club Golf team is composed of competitive golfers looking to be a part of a team and improve their golf skills. The team competes in the <a href="">National Collegiate Club Golf Association (NCCGA</a>) which is a national organization composed of club teams split into regions. BC Club Golf represents the New England Region and competes in both the fall and the spring. In each season, they compete in two regional tournaments and, based on their performance have the ability to qualify for the National Tournament each semester at different destinations. The top 8 players compete in each tournament, which is determined by qualifiers that take place throughout the season. The team’s home course is Newton Commonwealth Golf Course, which is just a short walk from campus. Tryouts are held each fall and everyone is encouraged to give it a shot and be a part of our team! Regardless of whether a member qualifies for Regional Tournaments, there are still opportunities to play, because the team holds golf tournaments in which everyone on the team can play. One of the team’s goals is simply to increase the golf presence on campus so they encourage anyone interested in reaching out.</p> <p>See what the team is up to on <a adhocenable="false" href="">Twitter.</a>  </p> <p><a href=""></a></p>
<p>The Boston College Club Golf team is composed of competitive golfers looking to be a part of a team and improve their golf skills.</p>
Ice Hockey - Women’s
<p>&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>
<p>The Boston College Women's Club Hockey team was founded in the spring of 2014, and competes in the Independent Women's Club Hockey League (IWCHL). Additionally, the team is a member of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). <br> </p>
Lacrosse - Men's
<p>The Boston College Men's Lacrosse Club, founded in 2002, competes in the Continental Lacrosse Conference (CLC) of the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA).<br> </p>
Lacrosse - Women’s
<p>The Boston College Women&#39;s Club Lacrosse team competes in the Northeast League of the Women&#39;s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (WCLA). The team won the national championship in 2022 and 2023. <br /> </p>
Men's Ice Hockey
<p>The Boston College Men&#39;s Club Ice Hockey team competes in the <a href="">NECHA (New England College Hockey Association)</a> Conference in Division 2 of the <a href="">ACHA (American Collegiate Hockey Association)</a>. The team was founded in 2006, and is typically comprised of around 30 members. Tryouts are held at the beginning of September and league competition runs from October to March. On the ice up to four times a week, club hockey offers a level of play between the varsity and intramural levels. While maintaining five consecutive years as runner up in the Northeast Regional, the team offers a highly competitive hockey atmosphere and is comprised of a great group of guys who are willing to put in the work required to remain highly competitive.</p> <p>You can see what the team is up to by visiting their <a adhocenable="false" href="">Twitter,</a> <a adhocenable="false" href=";ts">Facebook</a> and <a adhocenable="false" href="">website</a>. <br /> </p> <p><a href="mailto:club.icehockey&#64;">club.icehockey&#64;</a></p>
<p>The Boston College Men&#39;s Club Ice Hockey team competes in the <a href="">NECHA (New England College Hockey Association)</a> Conference in Division 2 of the <a href="">ACHA (American Collegiate Hockey Association)</a>.</p>
Rugby - Men's
<p>    </p>
<p>The Boston College Rugby Football Club, founded in 1967, competes in the Liberty Rugby Conference and against top competition across the country. <br /> </p>
Rugby - Women’s
<p>BCWRFC was founded in 1979, competing in 15s matches at the D1 level during the Fall season as part of the Northeast Women's Collegiate Rugby Conference and in 7s matches during the Spring as part of National Collegiate Rugby.<br> </p>
<p>Boston College Club Running, formerly WeRunBC, was established in 2015 and became a club team in 2018. The team competes competitively as a member of NIRCA (National Intercollegiate Running Club Association). <br> </p>
Soccer - Men's
<p>The Boston College Men’s Club Soccer Team was founded on the principle that competitive soccer can still be played even if it is not at the NCAA level.</p>
Soccer - Women’s
<p>The Boston College Women's Club Soccer team is a member of NIRSA's Region 1 Conference and competes on regional and national levels.<br> </p>
Squash - Men's
<p>The Boston College Squash club is a group of students, focused on competing at a high level with other institutions across the country.&nbsp;<br> </p>
Squash - Women’s
<p>The Boston College Women's Club Squash team began in 2009. Since then, the team has won several National Championships.&nbsp;<br> </p>
<p>&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>
<p>The Boston College Club Swim team, which was founded in 2022, competes in the Eastern Region of CCS (College Club Swimming).<br> </p>
Synchronized Skating
<p>The Boston College Club Synchronized Skating team was founded in 2008 and currently compete in the Collegiate division of US Figure Skating Synchronized Skating. <br> </p>
Table Tennis
<p>The Boston College Club Table Tennis Team was established in 2018 for male and female students of all skill levels. As long as the club has sufficient equipment to accommodate all team members, no one will be turned away. However, only the 16 best players will be able to participate in tournaments. The team practices twice a week throughout the school year, and during competition season, an additional practice will be held each week for tournament players. The team competes in the Upper New England Division of the&nbsp;<a href="">National Collegiate Table Tennis Association</a>&nbsp;(NCTTA). The team's goal is to give Boston College students the opportunity to participate in a unique sport and to build a team that can compete at the national level, with the goal of making it to Northeast Regional Tournament and the Table Tennis National Championships.</p> <p><a adhocenable="false" href=""></a></p>
<p>The Boston College Club Table Tennis Team was established in 2018 for male and female students of all skill levels.</p>
Ultimate - Men's
<p>  </p>
<p>The Boston College Men&#39;s Ultimate team, founded in 1977, competes in college Ultimate&#39;s top division and premier Northeast region. <br /> </p>
Ultimate - Women’s
<p>Boston College Women's Club Ultimate Frisbee team, the Flix, was founded in 2006. The team focuses on skill development for members with and without experience.<br> </p>
Volleyball - Men's
<p>The Boston College Men's Club Volleyball team competes in the D1 North Division of the NECVL (New England Club Volleyball League)<br> </p>
Volleyball - Women’s
<p>  </p>
<p>The Boston College Women&#39;s Club Volleyball competes at the Division 1 Level of the Northeast Women&#39;s Club Volleyball League. <br /> </p>
Water Polo - Men's
<p>The Boston College Men's Club Water Polo Team was founded in 1972, and currently competes in the New England Division of the Collegiate Water Polo Association.<br> </p>
Water Polo - Women’s
<p>The Boston College Women&#39;s Club Water Polo Team competes in the New England Division of the <a href="">Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA).</a></p>