The Office for Institutional Diversity supports the mission of the University by promoting a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion for all members of the Boston College community. A community that truly values and fully utilizes its diversity creates a climate where diverse perspectives can coexist and thrive.

In keeping with the social justice imperatives inherent in our Jesuit, Catholic heritage, Boston College extends its welcome in particular to those who may be vulnerable to discrimination on the basis of their race, ethnic or national origin, religion, color, age, gender, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability.

We support the University's Strategic Plan and Four Strategic Directions. Our vision is to create an inclusive environment that motivates us to be fully engaged in our community and that enables each of us to make the maximum contribution possible to the University. The ultimate success of this endeavor requires the proactive involvement of leadership and the entire community.

Five Strategic Initiatives

Develop and support faculty and staff effective recruitment, hiring, and thriving initiatives, driving the incorporation of an inclusive performance management process.

Work to strengthen the ties between the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, its Jesuit and Catholic identities, Mission and Ministry, and other appropriate stakeholders.

Develop strong, mutually beneficial working relationships and initiatives with Boston College affinity groups, advancing a diverse and inclusive campus.

Diversify our leadership and enhance their commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competency to actively lead in a diverse work environment.

Focus on fair treatment and a sense of belonging for all individuals in the Boston College community.