Established in 1999, the Affiliates Program enables Black, Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Native American professional staff to enrich their professional skills and build connections with colleagues through professional development and mentorship opportunities. 

Affiliates will receive a thorough orientation to various vice presidential areas, schools, and departments throughout the University. These experiences will be complemented by a mentor component. Affiliates will be matched with a member of senior leadership or an Affiliates Alumnus to study and observe leadership in action and gain heightened awareness of strategic issues affecting Boston College as a Jesuit, Catholic university.

The Affiliates Program is designed to enable members of underrepresented groups to enrich their professional skills and build connections with colleagues throughout the University. This program was designed by Boston College’s Office of Affirmative Action (now the Office for Institutional Diversity), Office of AHANA Student Programs (now the BAIC), and the Irish Institute, and is administered by the Department of Human Resources/Office for Institutional Diversity (OID).


The Boston College University Affiliates Program endeavors to better prepare AHANA staff to achieve their professional goals at the University. It is designed to:

  • Offer employees, interested in careers in higher education, opportunities to broaden their professional experiences and deepen their knowledge about other areas of the University.
  • Provide employees with the opportunity to strengthen their sense of community, increasing their institutional network through the program’s cohort model. 
  • Support the development of employees by facilitating mentoring relationships, offering a series of educational seminars and structuring networking opportunities.

Monthly/bi-monthly seminars are offered and incorporate a range of active-learning techniques (case studies, presentations, and discussions) while addressing critical themes in higher education administration such as leadership and institutional change, strategic planning, institutional budgets, academic and student affairs, human resources, information technology, and communications strategies.


Eligibility criteria include, but are not limited to, a bachelor’s degree; a minimum of one year of professional (or equivalent) work experience at Boston College, and the support of the applicant’s University department.

Application Process

The deadline for applications for 2021-2022 is October 1, 2021.

All applicants must submit electronically:

  • A resume
  • A one-page statement of interest (single-spaced, 500-word minimum) addressing the following:
    • Why do you want to participate in the Affiliates Program?
    • How will the program contribute to your professional development?
    • What specifically are you hoping to learn or gain from participating in the Affiliates Program?
  • One letter of recommendation from your direct supervisor (Director, Dean, or Vice President) acknowledging the program’s required time commitment. If your direct supervisor is not the dean, vice president, or director of your department, please ensure that they are copied on the letter.

For more information contact:

Jabril Robinson
University Affiliates Program
Office for Institutional Diversity
129 Lake Street Room 213
Brighton Campus 617-552-8730


*All sessions, except the closing ceremony, will start at 8:30 a.m. and end at 2:30 p.m.*

** Schedule subject to change.**

Item Date  
Orientation November 16, 2021
Session 1 December 07, 2021
Session 2 January 11, 2022
Session 3 February 08, 2022
Session 4 Feburary 22, 2022
Session 5 March 08, 2022
Session 6 March 22, 2022
Session 7 April 05, 2022
Session 8 May 03, 2022

University Affiliates 2020-2021 academic year participants 

Claire Johnson Allen

Claire Johnson Allen
Associate Director
Women's Center

Andrew Barksdale

Andrew Barksdale
Assistant Director
CSOM Career Engagement

Kayla Burt

Kayla Burt
Assistant Director
School of Theology and Ministry (STM)

 Cindy Cordova

Cindy Cordova
Senior Assistant Director
Undergraduate Admissions

Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis
Assistant Director
University Advancement

 Yanyan Hou

Yanyan Hou
Principal Applications Developer
Information Technology Services

Kalimah Muhammad

Kalimah Muhammad
Fiscal Administrator
Facilities Management

Nicole Ng

Nicole Ng
Academic Support Assistant
School of Social Work

Karol Vasquez

Nikki Pollard
Clinician/Case Manager
Counseling Services

Benjamin Tan

Benjamin Tan
Associate Technology Consultant
Information Technology Services