Real Estate

A gift of a primary residence, second home, farm, or land to Boston College allows you to benefit from a range of financial benefits while touching the lives of tomorrow’s students.

Real Estate

How It Works

  • Outright gift: Donate all or a percentage of your property to BC now. You’ll receive a charitable deduction for the property and eliminate capital gains tax.
  • Retained life estate: Transfer ownership of your property to BC now, but retain use during your lifetime. You’ll receive an income tax deduction while still living in your home or earning rental property income. If you make home improvements that increase the value of the property, you could qualify for additional deductions. After you pass, BC will take possession of the property and the proceeds of the sale of the assets will support programs of your choice.
  • Charitable remainder trust: Fund a trust with your property and receive an income stream for life or a term of years. At the passing of the named beneficiaries, BC receives the remainder of the gift to support a program of your choice. You’ll also receive an charitable income tax deduction and reduce capital gains tax. You’ll also receive an charitable income tax deduction and reduce capital gains tax.
  • Bequest: Leave your property to BC in your will or trust.

Next Steps

BC’s legal name, address and tax ID:

The Trustees of Boston College
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
Tax ID 04-2103545



  • Anyone who owns property


  • Real estate


  • Now
  • After death


  • Reduce or eliminate capital gains tax
  • Reduce estate tax
  • Receive a charitable deduction
  • Support BC at a level you didn’t think was possible
  • Become a member of the Shaw Society

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