ADHD & Learning Disability Support Services

Disclosing and requesting accommodations based on a disability is a personal decision. Boston College does not require a student to disclose the existence of a disability, but students who wish to request accommodations must do so.

If you are requesting accommodations based on a  LD/ADHD please continue reading.

If you are requesting accommodations based on a physical, psychological, or medical disability, please contact the Disability Services Office

Documentation Required to Request Accommodations

  • Most recent, comprehensive evaluation within the last four years. 
  • Proof of high school accommodation(s): 504/IEP/Other
  • Proof of standardized testing accommodation(s): College Board/ACT
  • For transfer students: proof of accommodation(s) from previous institution
  • For graduate students: Along with current documentation, a letter of verification of accommodation from undergraduate institution.



Process and Determination of Accommodation(s)


The student initiates the interactive process by submitting documentation and requesting an intake meeting with CFLC staff.  An Intake form will be emailed to the student upon receipt of documentation. 

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors please submit documentation to:

Assistant Director Erin Farrow:

Seniors, Woods College students, graduate students: please submit documentation to:

Director Kathy Duggan:   

*Please send the official evaluation as one file. We do not accept individual JPEG images of medical documents. If you are unable to submit the evaluation by email, please fax it to: 617-552-6075 

Committee will review submitted documents (within two weeks).

The review committee, along with the student, will determine appropriate accommodations needed at Boston College, and prepare confidential Professor Notification Letters (PNL) for the student to take to each professor.

Accommodations are based on the specific nature of a student’s disability, as well as the educational or testing environment in which the student will be functioning on a case by case basis.

After Registration


  • Professor Notification Letters (PNL) serve as official notification to professors of student’s approved accommodation(s), and professors’ need to provide such accommodations. Students are best served when they self-advocate and use the letters to facilitate an ongoing communication with their professors.
  • At the beginning of each semester, students must again request their PNLs at the CFLC.
  • If a student would like to request additional accommodations or make changes to the currently approved accommodations, the student needs to make an appointment with their specialist at the CFLC.




Testing Accommodations

Students who are registered with a disability with approved testing accommodations can take their exams at the CFLC. Students are responsible to schedule their test at the CFLC via ClockWork Online Test Booking System within two business days in advance.

CFLC Test/Exam Services

Additional Information for Students Registering with the CFLC



If you have any questions regarding these support services, please contact:

Kathleen Duggan