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Writing tutoring:

The  tutoring appointments for writing support, including writing support for English Language Learners,  are designed to assist with all stages of the writing process.  During a fifty minute students can brainstorm ideas, go over an outline, or work on a draft.  Tutors do not edit papers.  They will work with you to help your writing improve. Papers to be reviewed during a session should ideally be five to eight pages in length. The CFLC does not have staff to provide writing assistance for dissertations or pieces being submitted for publication. To make an appointment please follow the instructions.  All appointments beginfive to eight pages in length.on the hour (*Except A&P).  


The Online Writing Lab (OWL):

The OWL offers asynchronous, email-based feedback on work in progress. Writers can submit drafts and identify revision priorities through an online form and OWL tutors will deliver written feedback within 48 hours. As in face-to-face sessions, OWL tutorials aim to help writers improve their overall processes, with emphasis on higher-order effectiveness rather than cosmetic editing. 


The OWL will be open for submissions beginning

Monday, September 12th.

Submit Your Paper to OWL


Fall 2022 Calendar
Monday, September 12 - First day accepting tutorial requests for the fall semester.
Tuesday, October 4 - Deadline for tutorial requests to be completed before Fall Break.
Friday, Oct. 7, to Monday, Oct. 10 - Closed for Fall Break. Tutorial requests received during the break will be processed on Tuesday, October 11.
Sunday, November 20 - Deadline for tutorial requests to be completed before Thanksgiving Holidays.
Wednesday, Nov. 23, to Sunday, Nov. 27 - Closed for Thanksgiving Holidays. Tutorial requests received during the break will be processed on Monday, November 28.
Wednesday, December 7 - Deadline for fall semester tutorial requests.
Friday, December 9 - Closed for Winter Recess.

Please also note that the OWL is closed on all Saturdays.



For questions about our tutoring services, please contact:

Cecilie Reid-Joyner
Associate Director



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