Tutoring will begin for the fall semester on 

Monday, September 12th.




How To Book A Tutoring Appointment

All course based tutoring and writing appointments can be made here.  Course based tutoring is tied to your registered classes.  If you do not see an option in course based tutoring for your class, it means we do not have a tutor available for that class.  If you need further assistance, please reach out to the Associate Director, Cecilie Joyner, for further information.

If you are making Writing appointment and the option you are seeking does not appear, it means we are booked for the week.  Please use our OWL (Online Writing Lab) Service at http://bc.edu/owl.  You can submit your paper/draft and receive feedback within 48 hours.


  1. Log into your Agora Portal and click the “Navigate Academic Support” link found under the “Academics and Courses” section.
  2. Once you are at the Navigate homepage, click link titled “Schedule an Appointment with an Academic Support Office.” It's the blue box in the upper right corner.
  3. This will take you to a page with a drop-down menu. In this menu select “Connors Family Learning Center.
  4. This opens up another drop-down menu, where you will need to select “course-based tutoring.”
  5. Click “next” to advance to a page with two more drop-down menus. In the top one select “Connors Family Learning  Center” and in the bottom one, select the course in which you want to receive tutoring.
  6. After clicking “next” you will arrive on a page that allows you to choose a time and confirm the appointment.


Peer Tutoring at the CFLC

We are a service open to all BC students and faculty. We believe that all students can benefit from tutoring services. Our programs are meant both to challenge high achieving students and to support those having academic difficulties.

We offer tutoring in over 60 subjects including all of the CORE curriculum classes.

We are a “peer tutoring” service. Tutors are all BC undergraduate and graduate students who are in high academic standing and have been recommended by their respective departments. The CFLC is CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association) Certified.

All appointments begin on the hour (*Except A&P).  



Academic Coaching

We offer academic coaching to all BC students. It is available once a week, on a first come first serve basis, and can be booked like any other tutoring appointment. The sessions are run by experienced graduate students with backgrounds in education. Academic coaching is appropriate for students, who seek to improve their time management, study habits and processes, reading comprehension, and retention skills to become more effective learners.




For questions about our tutoring services, please contact:

Cecilie Reid-Joyner
Associate Director


CFLC Calendar

Attend Class

Tutoring is not a substitute for class attendance. Going to class regularly and consistently will help you get the most out of your session.

Make Appointments Early

Appointments can be made up to six days in advance of the tutoring session. Appointments fill up quickly, especially before exams. Planning ahead and making your appointments early will give you a good chance of getting the appointment you want.

Plan Ahead

Come to the CFLC with specific questions and attempt problems on your own before coming to your appointment.

Be Prepared

Come to your appointment with your assignment, book, and other necessary materials. Papers for writing appointments must be printed out ahead of time (Please bring in one copy of your paper for yourself and one copy for your tutor to look over).

Arrive on Time

If you arrive more than ten minutes late to your tutoring appointment, your appointment may be given away to another student. Appointments are 50 minutes long and will not go over the time limit. It’s best to arrive on time so you can take advantage of the entire session.

Budget Your Time

Tutoring appointments are 50 minutes long. Only bring in material that you can realistically cover in that amount of time.

Ask Questions

Tutoring should be an active dialog. The tutor is not meant to do all the talking. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for clarification if something does not make sense. It is also a good idea to review what you have learned at the end of the session.

Be Patient

Our tutors are students just like you. They are not meant to know everything. Please be patient as they are trying to help you.