New Faculty Seminars on Teaching

The New Faculty Seminars on Teaching are monthly gatherings where full-time faculty in their first two years at BC can discuss the fundamentals of teaching with colleagues. Launched in 2021 as a re-imagining of the CTE’s earlier Junior Faculty Conversations program, the New Faculty Seminars seek to address the topics of most interest to those getting started in the BC classroom.

Seminar meetings are largely discussion-based, with CTE staff typically spending 10 - 15 minutes of each session sharing research and strategies relevant to the topic at hand. Session topics are chosen based on the input of that year’s new faculty.

Spring 2022

We Learn What We Do: Strategies for Active Learning

Wednesday, January 26th, 1:00 pm

“Active learning” is regarded in many teaching cultures as an essential practice, but it is also the broadest of concepts.  This session explores ways to operationalize it, identifying what we want students to gain and developing activities that will encourage their success, in a variety of settings.  Join us to review concepts and strategies from educational research, and share ideas with colleagues about what works well and works-in-progress.  

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Gathering and Interpreting Student Feedback on Your Teaching

Thursday, February 17th, 10:00 am

Too often faculty don’t receive any feedback on their teaching until the end of the semester when it’s not possible to make any changes to the course. And even when you have access to student evaluation data, it’s often difficult to hone in on important information or identify meaningful changes in what can feel like a random laundry list of recommendations. Join us for an overview of options for collecting actionable feedback on your teaching earlier in the term, an opportunity to interpret sample feedback data, and a chance to exchange questions and ideas with colleagues. 

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Better Assignment Design

Wednesday, March 23rd, 10:00 am

Assignments serve as the building blocks of our courses. Ranging from low-stakes activities completed during class to complex semester-long projects, assignments provide students opportunities to practice what they’re learning at the same time they give instructors a window into students’ understanding. For our March seminar, we’ll discuss strategies for designing more impactful assignments and communicating them effectively to students. You’ll have a chance to workshop an assignment of your own and share ideas for more creative assignment approaches with colleagues.

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Using Tech Purposefully

Tuesday, April 12th, 2:00 pm

If technology has been a growing part of teaching and learning for many years, and the early days of the pandemic saw us adopting it by necessity at least as much as design, our current moment seems like a good one for reflecting on the purpose we want to bring to it.  What affordances do our tools offer to enhance learning, and what do we want them to do for us?  How are our students -- and how are we as teachers -- shaped in turn by the tools we use?  This session will review researched practices and points to consider, and offer a chance to share insights and questions with colleagues.

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