Adaptable Blended Instruction

With BC's return to socially distanced on-campus instruction for most courses, instructors find themselves facing a significant instructional challenge: designing and implementing courses that maintain the integrity of course learning goals, are accessible to all students, and can shift modalities (from distanced on-campus instruction to remote instruction) quickly if necessary. 

The CTE is helping instructors meet this challenge through the lens of Adaptable Blended Instruction (or ABI), which focuses on developing courses that are effective in bridging “distanced” in-person class time with online engagements and are structured to provide meaningful learning opportunities for all students, including those who need to participate remotely for some or all of the semester.

ABI Preparation Programs

To support instructors in redesigning their courses for the distanced classroom, we have developed a robust Canvas course to guide you through the basics of Adaptable Blended Instruction (to access the Canvas course, simply enroll yourself online). In addition, you might find the following resources useful:

Workshops and drop-in sessions are also being offered to provide more focused opportunities to explore specific pedagogical approaches and educational technologies. Many of these sessions will be relevant to instructors teaching both Adaptable Blended and Adaptable Remote courses.