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Hideo Konishi




Selected Publications

"Entrepreneurial Land Developers: Joint Production, Local Externalities and Mixed Housing Developments," 2013. Journal of Urban Economics, 75, 68-79

"Profit-Maximizing Matchmaker," with Chiu-Yu Ko, 2012. Games and Economic Behavior, 75, 217-232

"Contributing or Free-Riding? Voluntary Participation in a Public Good Economy," with Taiji Furusawa, 2011. Theoretical Economics, 6, 219-256

"Credible Group-Stability in Many-to-Many Matching Problems," with M. Utku Ünver, 2006. Journal of Economic Theory, 129, 57-80

"Coalition Formation as a Dynamic Process," with Debraj Ray. 2003. Journal of Economic Theory, 110, 1-41

Working Papers

Working Paper 1064. Hideo Konishi (Boston College), Nicolas Sahuguet (HEC Montreal), Benoit Crutzen (Erasmus School of Economics), "Allocation Rules of Indivisible Prizes in Team Contests", (08/2023; PDF)

Working Paper 1063. Hideo Konishi (Boston College), Minoru Nakada (Nagoya University), Akihisa Shibata (Kyoto University), "Free Trade Agreements with Environmental Provisions Between Asymmetric Countries: Transfer of Clean Technology and Enforcement", (12/2023; PDF)

Working Paper 1062. Hideo Konishi (Boston College), Dimitar Simeonov (Bahçeşehir University), "Nonemptiness of the f-Core Without Comprehensiveness", (12/2023; PDF)

Working Paper 1061. Hideo Konishi (Boston College), Chen-Yu Pan (National Chengchi University, Taiwan), Dimitar Simeonov (Bahçeşehir University), "Formation of Teams in Contests: Tradeoffs Between Inter and Intra-Team Inequalities", (11/2023; PDF)

Working Paper 1040. Kenzo Imamura (University of Tokyo Market Design Center), Hideo Konishi (Boston College), "Assortative Matching with Externalities and Farsighted Agents" (11/2021; PDF)

Working Paper 1039. Kenzo Imamura (University of Tokyo Market Design Center), Hideo Konishi (Boston College), Chen-Yu Pan (National Chengchi University, Taiwan), "Stability in Matching with Externalities: Pairs Competition and Oligopolistic Joint Ventures" (11/2021; PDF)

Working Paper 1033. Maria Arbatskaya (Emory University), Hideo Konishi (Boston College), "Dynamic Team Contests with Complementary Efforts." (04/2021; PDF)

Working Paper 1032. Benoit S Y Crutzen (Erasmus School of Economics), Hideo Konishi (Boston College), Nicolas Sahuguet (HEC Montreal), "The Best at the Top? Candidate Ranking Strategies Under Closed List Proportional Representation." (04/2021; PDF)

Working Paper 1025. Hideo Konishi (Boston College), Chen-Yu Pan (Wuhan University), Dimitar Simeonov (Boston College), "Equilibrium Player Choices in Team Contests with Multiple Pairwise Battles." (01/2021; PDF)

Working Paper 1024. Hideo Konishi (Boston College), Katsuya Kobayashi (Hosei University), "Effort Complementarity and Sharing Rules in Group Contests." (04/2020; PDF)

Working Paper 974. Hideo Konishi (Boston College), Chen-Yu Pan (Wuhan University), "Endogenous Alliances in Survival Contests", (rev. 03/2021; PDF)

Working Paper 945. Ryo Kawasaki, Hideo Konishi, and Junki Yukawa, "Equilibria in Bottleneck Games", (01/2018; PDF)

Working Paper 944. Hideo Konishi and Chen-Yu Pan, Wuhan University, "Silent Promotion of Agendas: Campaign Contributions and Ideological Polarization", (01/2018; PDF)

Working Paper 926. Hideo Konishi and Chen-Yu Pan, Wuhan University, "Campaign Contributions for Free Trade: Salient and Non-salient Agendas", (05/2017; PDF)

Working Paper 922. Hideo Konishi and Chen-Yu Pan, Wuhan University, "Partisan and Bipartisan Gerrymandering" (rev. 05/2016)

Working Paper 851. Maria Arbatskaya, Emory University, and Hideo Konishi, "Consumer Referrals" (rev. 01/2015)

Working Paper 850. Maria Arbatskaya, Emory University, and Hideo Konishi, "Managing Consumer Referrals in a Chain Network" (01/2014; forthcoming, Review of Network Economics)

Working Paper 849. Taiji Furusawa (Hitotsubashi University) and Hideo Konishi, "International Trade and Income Inequality" (10/2013)

Working Paper 848. Katsuya Kobayashi, Hosei University, and Hideo Konishi, "Endogenous Party Structure" (rev. 06/2015)

Working Paper 847. Hideo Konishi and Çaglar Yurtseven, Bahçeşehir University, "Market Share Regulation?" (10/2013; published, Japan and the World Economy, 29, 36-45, 2014)