Research & Graduate Study

Research Opportunities

Boston College's Undergraduate Research Fellowship program (URF) supports research assistantships during the academic year and the summer. Application deadlines vary so please consult the university’s website detailing the program. Generally, applications are due in the weeks before a semester/summer begins.

To apply for a Fellowship please fill out the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Application form. Professor Cox will then share your dossier with the economics faculty. If a faculty member is interested he/she will contact you to arrange a meeting. If there is a match the faculty member applies for the Fellowship with your name listed as the research assistant. If accepted you will be paid at an hourly rate for the duration of the assistantship. Generally, faculty are interested in more advanced students who have completed their Theory courses and Econometrics. 


  1. The application form available at the URF website is for faculty only;
  2. URFs are typically reserved for MCAS rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors;
  3. Students are in a more competitive and valuable position to assist with research after they have completed econometrics.

Students are also encouraged to reach out directly to faculty of interest regarding any possible opportunities for paid or unpaid research assistance and experience.

Graduate Study

Independent Study (ECON 2299, ECON 3399)
Advanced Independent Research (ECON 6601)

Independent Study provides students with the opportunity to explore in depth a topic that has been introduced in an existing department elective or to do research in an area that is not covered by the current elective offerings. A written proposal must be developed in consultation with a faculty member who has agreed to supervise the project and submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for approval prior to registration.

ECON 4497 is open to students who participate in the department's Honors Program, and ECON 6601 is open to students doing Scholar of the College projects. In each case students should consult with Prof. Robert Murphy prior to registration. Students may count only one independent course toward the electives required for the major.

Internships (ECON 1199)

ECON 1199 is a one-credit-hour course available for any student who wishes to do an internship with an agency or organization that requires a Boston College connection as a condition for offering the internship opportunity. A student who wishes to enroll in ECON 1199 must complete an approval form that can be downloaded or obtained from the office of the associate deans of Arts and Sciences. The form must be signed by the student's supervisor in the organization or agency providing the internship and then by the Undergraduate Program Specialist for the Economics department. After it is signed it should be sent to the student's class dean. At the end of the internship the supervisor must provide an evaluation to the Undergraduate Program Specialist. The internship will be graded on a pass-fail basis. Internship credit does not reduce any other course credit required for completing the major.