Financial Aid

Each year the Economics department awards approximately 30 Graduate Assistantships to first and second year Ph.D. students and 30 teaching positions to third, fourth, and fifth year students.

Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants are exempted from tuition and receive stipends of $30,000. Assistants are responsible for up to 10 hours per week of research assistance or grading for individual faculty members while carrying full academic loads.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants are paid $30,000 and supervise discussion sessions in introductory undergraduate courses.

Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows receive $30,000 for teaching their own sections of introductory undergraduate courses six hours per week. In addition, Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows are exempted from the University's doctoral continuation fee.

An appointment as Teaching Assistant or Teaching Fellow requires fluency in English. Subject to this qualification, students who enter the program with a financial award can expect continued assistance through five years of study, provided their work in the program is satisfactory. Satisfactory performance is generally defined as a B+ average in course work and appropriate progress toward the degree.