Study Abroad

The department believes strongly that study abroad is a worthwhile experience that exposes students to other cultures and their traditions of artistic expression.  Studio Art majors are encouraged to chart their path through the major and to integrate study abroad with their chosen area of concentration in consultation with their department advisor.

Students should have the following courses completed prior to studying abroad:

Two courses (six credits) of the following:·     

  • ARTS1101 Drawing I (core)
  • ARTS1102 Painting I (core)
  • ARTS1104 Design: Seeing is Believing (core)
  • ARTS1107 Design 1: Foundations (core)
  • ARTS1141 Ceramics I
  • ARTS1155 Introduction to Digital Arts (core)
  • ARTS1161 Photography I
  • ARTS1701 Art of Creativity  (core)  

Courses taken abroad must be approved before departure. It is recommended they are used to fulfill major requirements or to develop the student's area of concentration. Study abroad should be limited to one semester. 

Note: Studio Art courses taken abroad are not accepted for the Arts Core except in the case of a few pre-approved courses taught as part of BC study abroad programs, which can be found in the Pre-Approved Courses list.

Pre-approved course list

Professor Mark Cooper is the Studio Art Study Abroad Advisor and contact for course approval.