Major & Minor

Major in Film Studies

The film studies major applies the liberal arts tradition to the present-day culture of images and technologies. Courses in film history, theory, and criticism enable students to become active, selective, and ethical participants in a world progressively more dominated by the media of visual communication.

Research-based studies in American and world cinema explore the mutual influence of the films and their respective diverse cultures and historic periods. Familiarity with several of the great films and filmmakers provides a basis for understanding the relationship between contemporary artists and industrial society. Each student will have an opportunity to apply this theoretical knowledge to the experience of film making and exhibition both through programs in scripting, photography, production, and digital editing; and through an extensive internship program in the Boston area.

Students are encouraged to widen and deepen their understanding of the medium through additional courses in art history, studio art, theatre, and communication. While this film studies major provides a solid foundation for further studies and professional involvement in the industry, it also offers the liberal arts student a broad-based preparation for other career options.

Students interested in majoring in film studies should contact Professor John Michalczyk, director of the Film Stuides Program, in Devlin 420 (617-552-3895).   

Minor in Film Studies

The film studies minor enables students to develop a basic awareness of film as a contemporary medium of communication.

The minor consists of six courses: Introduction to Film Art, one course in history or criticism, one course in production, and three electives in film studies which enable a student to design a personalized area of concentration.

Students interested in the film studies minor may contact Professor John Michalczyk, director of the Film Studies Program.

Required Courses

  • FILM2202 Introduction to Film Art
  • One course in film production
  • One course in history or criticism

The Film Studies Major tab provides lists of film production and film history/criticism courses. Check the online catalog to learn which film studies courses are being offered during the current and forthcoming semesters (select "Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences" from the "School" menu, and "FILM – Film Studies" from the "Subject" menu).

In addition to the three required courses as described above, film studies minors take three elective courses in the areas of filmmaking, digital editing, scriptwriting, photography, history of film, or film criticism.

The courses for the film studies minor can be taken over a four-year period in any order convenient to the student's schedule.


Contact Professor John Michalczyk, director of the Film Studies Program, to learn about available semester-long internships.