The Art, Art History, and Film Department prepares students to engage critically with our image-saturated world. We emphasize individual mentorship, interdisciplinary collaboration, and hands-on learning in varied environments, from studios to museums. Graduates apply their skills of observation, creativity, and intercultural understanding to professions in the arts and beyond.

Art History

Art history encompasses the study of images, objects, and built spaces from a broad range of historical periods and geographical regions, providing a doorway into the many rich and diverse cultures throughout the world.

Film Studies

The Film Studies program has arisen out of a need and desire to assist students in developing critical and technical skills in the area of film. Video, photography, and television also play a supportive role in the development of these skills.

Studio Art

In our increasingly image-laden society, visual intelligence and visual literacy are paramount skills. The Studio Art program provides students with exciting, opportunities for creative exploration in painting, drawing, photography, video, ceramics and digital media.

Selected Faculty Publications