The department of Art, Art History, and Film offers students three separate programs that investigate the history, theory, and practice of making art. Our perspective of the visual arts is broad, encompassing historical periods from pre-history to the present, geographical regions around the globe, and diverse media, from traditional painting and darkroom photography to digital animation and documentary film production.

Studio art class

Students have held internships at the McMullen Museum of Art through the Student Ambassadors program and at numerous galleries, museums, and other cultural institutions. Each year we recognize our students’ achievements through a variety of departmental awards.

Departmental awards

Our faculty offers students one-on-one attention in small- to medium-sized classes. We provide opportunities for students to work closely with professors through independent study courses and Undergraduate Research Fellowships. 

Faculty profiles

Alumni have gone on to become artists, architects, filmmakers, gallerists, graphic designers, museum curators, professors, public humanists, and scholars. Our majors have also had successful careers in business, law, medicine, and organizations devoted to social change. We strive to cultivate critical thinkers and creative minds, passionate in their work and driven to make an impact in the world.

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Standing Against Racism

The Art, Art History, and Film Department stands against racism. We recognize that art has a mixed legacy when it comes to historical injustice, at times perpetuating racism and in other cases offering a powerful tool for combating it. We are working to address issues of race and racial injustice in our curriculum and to celebrate Black artists, Indigenous artists, artists of color, art historians of color, and those underrepresented in our disciplines and institutions. As a department, we are actively taking steps towards creating a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible community. This work includes reviewing our curriculum, holding workshops, inviting speakers, and participating in discussions that confront problems of social and racial inequities in the arts. Our commitment is ongoing, and we welcome your thoughts and feedback along the way.

McMullen Museum of Art

The University's widely acclaimed art museum serves as a valuable resource for our department's instructors and students, who not only benefit from studying the works in the museum, but also participate in the research and other activities involved in the mounting of scholarly museum exhibitions. 

McMullen Museum Website