Pre-Approved Courses

The courses listed in the table below have been pre-approved by departments at BC for major, minor, or core credit. Students who successfully complete these courses will automatically receive the indicated major, minor, or core credit and do not need to complete any course substitution paperwork.

Please note that courses on this list are not guaranteed to be available every semester. Students should verify course availability with their host institution and speak with their OIP Advisor if they have any questions.

Please note also that certain departments place restrictions on the number of major or minor credits students may take abroad. For more information on fulfilling major, minor, or core requirements abroad, please see each department's advising guide on the OIP website or contact the department directly.

Pre-Approved Course List (Academic Year 2019-2020)
*Students looking for AY 2018-2019 approved courses, please contact the Academic Operations Administrator.

As for Economics pre-approved courses, please click here.