Welcome to the Psychology Department at Boston College

Our department is committed to fostering critical thinking and scientific reasoning skills in an inclusive and collaborative environment that encourages creative exploration and discovery. Students learn in the classroom and through hands-on research experiences, and they are tasked with sharing their knowledge with others at the University and beyond. Beginning with the class of 2020, students have the option to declare a Neuroscience degree (B.S.) in addition to the existing degrees in Psychology (B.A. or B.S. tracks).

Department News and Notes

Our Faculty

Graduate Student Placements

California State Monterey Bay

Assistant Professor

University of Wisconsin

Associate Professor

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Behavioral Scientist/Epidemiologist

Innerscope Research

Scientific Project Manager

MPR Associates

Senior Research Associate

Zeldis Research Associates

Project Director

Columbia University


Harvard University


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Assistant Professor

The Future of Psychological Science

Associate Professor of Psychology Liane Young is a recipient of the 2017 Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformational Early Career Contributions, given by the Association for Psychological Science. The award recognizes the best of new and cutting-edge ideas coming from the most creative and promising investigators.

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