For those who prefer a smaller class size and would like more personalized attention from the instructor, we offer a variety of small group training programs, which usually target a specific piece of equipment, workout style, participant age group or demographic.

Small group programs consist of typically 6-8 participants per one trainer and there is more of a focus on progression and skill development over time. Trainers aim to develop challenging workouts that build upon what you’ve learned in their previous classes. The smaller class size allows for the instructor to help each participant focus on achieving specific goals while providing more thorough form correction and targeted motivation throughout the class.  

Small group training programs are usually held in sessions ranging from 5-8 weeks long and require prior registration to reserve your spot. These classes are a great, affordable option if you enjoy having a set schedule to help you work out more consistently and prefer exercising with like-minded individuals to help keep you motivated.

Please take note of our cancellation and refund policies

Small Group Training class

Kettlebell Fusion

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm
Dates: 1/30-2/22


Kettlebell Fusion is the ultimate blend of functional fitness and strength training using
kettlebells. This dynamic workout focuses on improving functional strength, cardiovascular
endurance, and explosive power through a circuit and tabata-based format.

Student Member Price: $40

Faculty/Staff Member Price: $80

Registration Deadline: 1/30 at 12pm

TRX Circuits

Mon & Wed, 5:30-6:30pm

Strengthen and stabilize using TRX suspension straps and bodyweight exercises in a fun, stimulating circuit workout. This class focuses on full range of motion and time under tension to show you how strong all elements of your body can be and how your core supports your active lifestyle.TRX Circuits will address your goals of building functional strength while developing continuous, proper core stability and awareness to improve how you feel as you move through your day.

While this class is based on the TRX, it also includes dumbbells, resistance bands, steppers, treadmills and rowers to further initiate the metabolic adaptations found through circuit training.

Student Member Price: $40

Faculty/Staff Member Price: $80

Registration Deadline: 1/30 at 12pm

Fit For Life

Mon & Wed, 7:00-8:00am


Fit For Life (formerly Fit Over 40) is an exercise program designed to meet the needs of adults over 40 years old. Exercise is important for your overall mental and physical health and is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle! This well-rounded program includes a combination of weight training, cardiovascular, neuromuscular (balance/coordination), and flexibility exercises, geared to help you stay active all semester long!

Faculty/Staff Member Price: $80

Registration Deadline: 2/4 at 5pm

Weight Training 101

Tues & Thurs | 6:30-7:30pm | 2/6-2/29

Curious about where to start? Weight Training 101 is focused on teaching the basics of weight training and how to use fitness equipment. After this small group training, participants will leave feeling comfortable on the fitness floors and designing their own functional workout program.

Student Price: $40

Faculty/Staff Member Price: $80

Registration Deadline: 2/6 at 12pm

Refund Policy: Generally, refunds will not be issued for small group training once sessions have started, because space is limited.

Late Policy: All sessions begin on time, with or without all participants in attendance. Late participants are asked to complete a warm-up prior to joining the class. Late arrivals are discouraged.