Assessment and Governance

Assessment Overview

What are we trying to teach in the Core? Are we succeeding? How do we know?

As part of Boston College’s external accreditation review by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), all departments and programs involved in the Core will contribute to a report on the state of the Core by submitting a final E-1-A form by May 15 to the Office of the Associate Dean of the Core ( The form asks each department and program to articulate their Core learning outcomes, to present measurable data, and to describe plans for on-going evaluation.

Core E-1-A Forms

Learning Goals

Students completing the Boston College Core Curriculum will:

  1. Demonstrate the critical, mathematical, informational, analytic, expressive, and creative skills that are essential tools of the educated person well-prepared for a meaningful life and vocation.
  2. Understand the major ideas and methods of inquiry of the scholarly disciplines that comprise the university and be able to use those methods of inquiry as beginning practitioners to address complex contemporary problems.
  3. Be able to identify and articulate the strengths and limitations of the disciplines and the relationship of the disciplines to one another, and demonstrate an understanding of the breadth and diversity of human knowledge as well as its openness to integration in more comprehensive wholes.
  4. Be conversant with and able to discuss intelligently enduring questions and issues that are fundamental to human inquiry and that have shaped the traditions from which the university has emerged.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to apply more than one disciplinary perspective to the same enduring question or complex contemporary problem.
  6. Be familiar with the scholarly exploration of religious faith and understand how faith and reason are related in the search for truth.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to examine their values and experiences and integrate what they learn with the principles that guide their lives.
  8. Be prepared and disposed to use their talents and education as engaged global citizens and responsible leaders in service of the common good.

University Core Renewal Committee

The University Core Renewal Committee (UCRC) coordinates and manages the Boston College Core Curriculum. Composed of sixteen faculty, administrative, and student representatives, the committee is leading university-wide efforts to renew the Core Curriculum as a vital part of a Boston College undergraduate education. It promotes interdepartmental and faculty/staff collaboration and innovation. In 2017–2018, the UCRC is focusing on two priorities: systematizing the Core that has existed since 1991, and managing the third year of Core Renewal Pilot classes and preparing for a forth round in 2018–2019. Different subcommittees of the UCRC address Core Renewal pilot classes, curriculum, and assessment.

For questions and concerns, please contact the UCRC chair at

2023–2024 UCRC Members

Elizabeth Shlala, Ph.D., UCRC Chair
Associate Dean for the Core, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

Geoffrey Sanzenbacher, Ph.D., End term June 2025
Economics Department, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

Jenna Tonn, Ph.D., End term June 2025
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Engineering Department, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

Elida Laski, Ph.D. End term June 2025
Program Director, Applied Psychology and Human Development BA Program, Counseling, Developmental & Educational Psychology Department, Lynch School of Education & Human Development

Rhonda Frederick, Ph.D., End term June 2025
English Department, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

Mary Crane, Ph.D., Appointed
Director, Institute for the Liberal Arts, English Department, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

Nicole Eaton, Ph.D., End term June 2026
History Department, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

Stacy Grooters, Ph.D., Appointed
Executive Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

Marina McCoy, Ph.D., End term June 2024
Philosophy Department, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

Laura Hake, Ph.D., End term June 2026
Biology Department, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

Brian Robinette, Ph.D., Appointed
Theology Department, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

Akua Sarr, Ph.D., Appointed
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Julia Whitcavich-Devoy, Ph.D., Appointed
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students and Programs, Lynch School of Education & Human Development

Colleen Simonelli, Ph.D., Appointed
Associate Dean for Student Services, Connell School of Nursing

Ethan Sullivan, Ph.D., Appointed
Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Carroll School of Management

Celeste Wells, Ph.D., Appointed
Communication Department, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

Kevin Liu, Student Representative, Class of ‘25
Carroll School of Management

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